One Direction Imagines

Hey , if you want an imagine story with one of 1D boys , you have to : tell me your name , describe your self , which boy from 1D , type ( dirty , romantic , funny , sad ) , and if you want ; what happens in the story .


25. Special for Mary

Today it's One Direction's concert in my town . Finally I'm gonna meet the boys . I love them all but Liam was somehow special . His face , his voice , his words , his actions . Everything about him was perfect . The concert started . I was sitting in the first row . Everyone was dancing and singing . Something weird was going between Zayn and Liam . They kept looking at me and whisper . The music stopped , it was the time for a short break . Before the boys went backstage , Zayn said " I think Liam have fallen in love with a lucky girl . She's sitting in the first row , the one with straight brown hair and green/brown eyes . May you please join us on the stage ? " Paul helped me go up stage . Liam held my hand and said " Hey beautiful , what's your name ? " - " It's Mary " - " So Mary , would you like to go out with me on a date after the concert ? " - " Yeah sure Liam " Liam held me closer until our lips met and we kissed . Everyone clapped and said "Aww" . The rest of the concert , Liam kept on looking at me and wink . He point at me while he's singing . I sent him kisses and smile .
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