One Direction Imagines

Hey , if you want an imagine story with one of 1D boys , you have to : tell me your name , describe your self , which boy from 1D , type ( dirty , romantic , funny , sad ) , and if you want ; what happens in the story .


4. Special for Darbi

Niall has been my boyfriend for 3 years but I think he'll no longer be . In the past weeks we've been fighting for a lots of times . Today I'm going in a vacation to Paris , I have to be alone so i can decide what's going to happen between Niall and me . When I left home to the airport I didn't see Niall he didn't even call to say goodbye or have fun . In the airport while I was getting ready to get in the plane I heard sound of music , I turned around to find Niall playing the guitar and singing Little Things . After the song was done Niall laid down on one knee and he took a diamond ring out of his pocet " Darbi , I love you very much , will you marry me ? " - " Yes I will Niall , I love you too " I said these words and the tears ran down from my eyes . I forgot every bad moment we had together . Niall lifted me up and we kissed . Everyone in the airport was clapping . Then we both traveled to Paris to enjoy a romantic vacation together .
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