One Direction Imagines

Hey , if you want an imagine story with one of 1D boys , you have to : tell me your name , describe your self , which boy from 1D , type ( dirty , romantic , funny , sad ) , and if you want ; what happens in the story .


5. Special for Amber

Message from Harry : Hey love , meet at the mall center at 5 pm . Message to Harry : Okay baby , see you there . Ohh it's 4 pm now , I have to get ready . I took a shower , then I put on my short red dress with black sandals . I left my wavy brown hair run down my shoulders and I applied on my makeup ; foundation , eyeliner , mascara and red gloss . I took my phone and my keys and I drove to the mall . It was 5:15 pm when I arrived to the mall . At the center of the mall there was a big crowd . Suddenly a big light was put on me and the people started moving one after one . Finally I saw Harry standing inside a heart made of red flowers , and when I entered the heart and stood beside him he laid down on one knee . He took a diamond ring out of his pocket and he said " Amber , you're my love , you're my everything . Will you marry me ? " - " Yes I will Harry , Ilove you " . We hugged each other , everyone was clapping . And while we're kissing the boys came and they started singing Everything About You .
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