(Liam Payne's adopted sister) Secret Sister -- A Harry Styles Love Story

I'm home schooled. I have no friends. I'm not allowed out of the house. Nobody knows about me. Everyone who knew me before thinks I'm dead. I have no records except birth, adoption and 'death' records. I have no social security number, nothing. My name is originally Rhiannon Anne Griffiths Bowen but my adoptive name is Rhiannon Anne Payne, and I am a secret


8. Chapter 7

Rhiannon's POV


The person was working on the ropes that tied my legs to the chair now. I looked down at my saviour. He had a head full of brown curly hair. I tried to gasp but realized my mouth was still covered up. No, it couldn't be...


Or could it?  As he finished cutting the remaining ropes I wondered why he came instead of Liam or Zayn. Liam is, theoretically my brother. Zayn is my best friend. Harry is just... Harry. He tore the duct tape off my mouth, causing me to tear up.


"Come on, I'm getting you out of here." He said in a hushed voice. He held his index finger up to his lips, signalling me to be quiet. I nodded and stood up. My ankles were just as raw and my wrists but somehow I managed to walk. We made our way across the room. We were almost out when another figure appeared in the door.


"What are you doing?" The voice screeched.


The figure held a gun in their right hand. He raised it and pointed it at me. I took a deep breath and said my goodbye's in my head. I closed my eyes and waited for my impending death.


I heard the gun go off, but didn't feel anything. Was I dead? No, I was still here. I heard a loud thud. I opened my eyes. I saw Harry on the ground, a pool of glistening blood surrounding him. He laid motionless, the light in his eyes disappearing forever. Tears streaked my face. I looked up to see who had just killed my friend. I found my adoptive father, laughing hysterically.


"No!!!" I screamed through my sobs.


He smiled and looked at me. Not in a loving way like anybody else's dads, step-fathers, foster fathers or adoptive fathers would. No, this was a look of hatred. Another figure appeared next to him. This one was not as tall or as big, but just tall enough to be identified as a male. Light shone down on him and I gasped. Liam... He smiled the same smile and his dad. You could tell they were father and son. The gun was handed over to Liam and he pointed it at me. Now I was certainly going to die. I clenched my eyes shut.


Everything was in slow motion. I heard the gun gun go off, the whiz of the bullet as it propelled it's self through the air, it's target clear. It's target being me. I felt a sharp pain in my chest and fell to the ground. My breathing became shallow and rapid. I felt weak. Each breathe felt like I was taking another bullet. The two made their way across the room. I watched helplessly as they kicked and stepped on my friends body. They stood over me and smiled wickedly. Liam held the gun once more, pointing it at me again. Only this time pointed at my head.




I stared up at two pairs of eyes, both muddled with concern. One of the two pairs was a deep brown, unmistakeably my adoptive brother's. The second of the two were a brilliant green colour, which belonged to Harry. 


For a moment I couldn't understand them. Everything was a blur except those dazzling green eyes.  I felt somebody shake me. I immediately snapped out of my trance and blinked.


"What?" I asked.


"I asked if you were okay." Liam said.


"Uh, yeah. I just had a bad dream." I muttered. I pulled myself into a sitting position.


"That's what we thought when you started screaming." Harry said sounding and looking concerned. Did I really scream?


"Well, I'm gonna go get some breakfast." Liam said walking out of the room.


I sighed and closed my eyes, but when I found that when I did the image of Harry's dead body filled my vision. I gave a little shriek and opened my eyes.


Harry looked puzzled. "What's wrong Rhi?"


"When I close my eyes I see something from my nightmare."


"Oh," he said. "What was your nightmare about? That is, if you don't mind telling me." He said, adding the last part


"Well," I began and Harry sat down on the bed.


"Every night I have the same nightmare, but this time it didn't end where id did other times. I'm tied up in a dark room. Every time I move, the ropes cut deeper into me. The door open's and somebody enter's the room, but I can't tell who it is because of the light. He said he was there to help me. He cut away the ropes that tied my wrists together and then started working on the ones that tied up my legs. I looked down to see who it was and... It was you. He finished cutting off the ropes and peeled the duct tape of my face. We were almost to the door when another figure appeared. He had a gun. He pointed it at me and fired. But it didn't hit me. I looked down and saw you were surrounded by a pool of blood and the light in your eyes was gone."


I started tearing up but forced myself to go on. "The person who shot you was Liam's dad. Another figure entered the room. My father handed him the fun. He aimed it at me. It was Liam. Then he fired. I fell to the floor and they made their way over to me. He aimed the gun at my hear and...-"


I couldn't go on. I was crying too much. It had seemed too real. Harry pulled me into a hug and tried to calm he down, but it was no use. I just sat there, crying into his shoulder. I must've looked pathetic.


"Shh, it's okay Rhi." He soothed.


After a while I stopped crying and pulled away. "It seemed so real." I said quietly.


"I know, I know.Why don't you get dressed? We're going to the beach soon."


I nodded and he left the room, making sure to close the door. I got up and looked it. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a mess. My eyes were red and puffy. My hair looked like something had crawled in and built a nest in it. I got changed into a swim suit that the boys and bought me as well as some other clothes that I got on my last shopping trip. I brushed my matted hair, which took a while. I put on some flip flops and left the room.


Thirty minutes later we were all piled into Louis' car. Let me tell you, it is not meant for six people. Louis was driving, Liam was in the passenger's seat and Niall was crammed in between the two of them. I was stuck in the back between Zayn and Harry in the back because they claim I'm the smallest. Which is true, but still!


A sudden realization dawned on me. "If you guys are famous, won't you get mobbed by people at the beach?"


Louis smirked. "We have a secret beach love."


"Psh. I knew that. I was just... Testing you guys."


They all chorused sarcastic "yeah's."


We finally arrived at out destination. We all filed out and looked around. It was gorgeous. We were the only people there. This wasn't one of those polluted beaches, this one looked untouched. Niall and Liam got the coolers and the rest of us got the bags. It was nice not having to scour for a spot.


I spread out my towel and but some sunblock on along with my sunglasses. I watched as the boys splashed around in the water. I took a sprite from the cooler and took a sip.


"Why don't you come in?" Louis asked


I shrugged. "Not in the mood." I called back.


The boys looked at one another. "Get her!" Louis yelled. UH-OH!


I scrambled to my feet and started to run. I could hear them catching up to me. I urged my self to go faster. I was not in the mood to get wet. I was now running at full speed, but it still wasn't good enough. I felt a wet arm grab me by my waist and life me up and twirl me around. I screamed and laughed at the same time.


"Okay, okay you win! Just put me down so I can change into my bathing suit." I squealed. The person set me down. I looked up and noticed it was Harry. I gave him an innocent smile and took of running.


"Liar!" He yelled at me.


Eventually I got tired and stopped running, but they didn't catch me. I smirked and looked around. Where was I? Nothing looked familiar...


"Hello?" I called out. "Oh God..."

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