(Liam Payne's adopted sister) Secret Sister -- A Harry Styles Love Story

I'm home schooled. I have no friends. I'm not allowed out of the house. Nobody knows about me. Everyone who knew me before thinks I'm dead. I have no records except birth, adoption and 'death' records. I have no social security number, nothing. My name is originally Rhiannon Anne Griffiths Bowen but my adoptive name is Rhiannon Anne Payne, and I am a secret


11. Chapter 10

Rhiannon's POV


If there is something I have learned from living with One Direction, is that you don't ever want to be the poor sap that has the horrible luck of beig stuck with Louis as a room mate. He will prank you at every chance he gets. That's why I feel bad for Liam. Not bad enought to swap rooms with him though. The poor kid woke up screaming his head off. We got everyone of the those horrid spoons out of his room in under ten minutes, but that still didn't stop him from rolling up in a ball and rocking back and forth. The only thing he can say now is "spoons". I'm going to kill Louis for doing this to him, but I've got to admit though, it WAS pretty funny.


"Shh, it's okay Liam! They're all gone now." I said softly.


He looked up at me and blinked. His rown eyes wide. "Spoons." He said quietly and shuddered.


I sighed and got up. I hope he won't be too mentally scarred. I patted his arm and left his room. I walked over to mine and sat down on the bed. How can I get Louis back? How AM I gonna get him back? Normally I would ask Liam since he's one of the smartest people I know, but I don't think that's a good idea now, due to his... Condition.


So I guess I'll have to go to the second smartest person I know, which is Zayn. Boy, is this gonna be awkward or what? I sighed and went to his room. The door was already open so I had no need to know. He was sitting on his bed drawing something. I entered the room and he looked up, a slight smile on his lips.


"Hey." I said shyly.


"Hey Rhi. Vas happenin'?"


"I nedd your help. Louis has probably just scarred my brother for life and I have no clue how to get back at him."


He thought about it for a second. "What does Louis love the most?"


"Carrot's." I responded automatically and so confused.


Zayn replaced his welcoming smile with an evil one. That's how I coud tell he thought up a plan.


"And you said you were going to be working at the animal shelter, right?"


Now I'm really confused. "Yeah..."


Harry's POV


"Well?" I asked Louis. "Did you find out?"


"Yes Harry! I did. I am the master, remember?"


"Then tell me already!" I said.


I'm so nervous. What if I don't get the answers I'm looking for. What would I do then?


"She's confused." Louis said whil chomping on a carrot. I sighed.


"What did she say EXACTLY?" I put emphasis on the word 'exactly.'


"Neither... Both... Oh, I don't know! I'm so confused." He said in a girlish voice, trying to mock her.


Well that didn't help me at all! I got up from the table and stormed off to my room. There was only one thing I could do and if I got caught here, there would be no doubt she would never like me. I would have to read her diary.


I lifted the pillow Rhiannon hid her diary under and pulled it out. A part of me was screaming not to read it and another part, for me to open it. I was weak though. I'm only human right? I closed the door and locked it, just to make sure I wouldn't get caught. I opened the small book to the page with the little marker that signified her last entry. I took a deep breath and started reading.




As I finished reading, I realized something, Zayn had been her first ever kiss. Even when she lived with her real parents she never had a boyfriend or a kiss! That was supposed to be me! I slammed the book shut and put it under the pillow. I could hear Rhiannon's and Zayn laughing in his room, which just so happened to be next to mine. Anger seeped through me. She liked his kiss. She said she didn't think she had feelings for me. She said Liam told her to stay away.


Why did I have to fall for the one girl I couldn't have?

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