A Love Story Never Told

Katerina Petrova. Kat to all her friends is a bubbly sixteen year old girl. Who never believes in love. What happened when a twist brings her to her true love but soon takes it away. A love story never told. For The inspired by a song competition. Inspired by the song "Love Story By Taylor Swift".


5. I Was Begging You Please Don't Go

I watched my reflection in the mirror. My pretty blonde hair tied in a bun. My blue eyes twinkle in delight. I'm going to see Will today. My Romeo. I slip the heart pendant he bought me around my neck. I slip the scarlet love letter he wrote me into my pocket. I apply my pink lip gloss over my lipstick, then smile at my appearance. I look perfect. I spray some perfume, then take a mint and slip it into my mouth. If we're going to kiss. I need to be ready. I walk down stairs in my high heels. Then walk towards the door. Suddenly, I hear  my father's footsteps approach.

"Kat, where are you going?" my father inquired in his loud voice.

"Just going to the park father." I lied.

"In that dress." my father questioned.

I looked at the dress I wore. A beautiful white gown. It was my mother's. I knew she would have wanted me to wear it.
"Yes father." I replied.

My father looked at me in the white dress, then sniffled.

"You look so beautiful. Just like your mother would have looked like." my father tells me, wiping a tear.

"Thanks father. Bye." I answer, walking out.

I walk down the street. Away from my father creepy stare. Finally away from him. My heart pounds rapidly on waiting for him. Their I spot him my Romeo. I skip towards him. He looks as handsome as he normally is. His brown hair messy but cute. His brown eyes pierce into me. He's wearing a black suit, with a white collar. He smiles when he notices me.

"Juliet!" he exclaims.

"My Romeo, I missed you!" I exclaim back, into his arms.

I await for him to hold me, but he doesn't. I look up into his eyes. He looks away, like he's miles away.

"Romeo, what's wrong?" I question.

"Nothing." Will lies.

"Romeo, don't lie to me. I know your lying." I reply.

"I'm getting married!" Will announces.

"To me Romeo." I inquire.

"It's Will, and no." Will tells me.

I break hold of his embrace, and stare at him cold. My heart pumps in anger.

"Who is she? Is she more prettier then me? More smarter then me? More richer then me? What?" I ask angrily, shaking him in anger.

"She's here." Will tells me.

A beautiful young girl my age slips from behind him. She has beautiful glossy wavy chestnut brown hair to her waist, beautiful almond colour eyes, a perfect face with no spots, and a perfect figure. I stare at her with envy.

"Will." the girl breathes, holding Will protectively.

"Kat, this is my girlfriend and fiance Elizabeth." Will tells me.

"No. No. No." I cry repeating it.

This could not be true. No way. Now I understood why Will didn't phone me for weeks. It was because he was marrying someone else.

"I'm sorry Kat. It's for the best." Will replies.

I run back home, shoving the door open. I hear my father loud footsteps approach me. I run upstairs to my room, and open my balcony and crumple on the floor. I cry loudly, tears splashing down my face and trickling on the floor. I hold my hands to my face and sob loudly.

"Kat." my father voice calls out.

"Leave me alone!" I shout angrily.

I had to be alone. I stood up and stood near the front of the balcony. I knew I looked hideous now. My mascara running down my face. I was a mess. The wind blew menacingly into me. I stood there frozen in anger.

"I got tired of waiting for you." I call to the wind.

"I loved you!" I shout angrily.

I slip the scarlet letter from my pocket, and rip it into tiny pieces. Then threw it on the floor. I watch it dance in the wind. I crumble to the floor, trying to be strong. Why? He promised me that we would be together forever, that he loved me. That he was my Romeo and I was his Juliet. Was that all a lie? You stood up to my dad. You said that you loved me. You said I was your life. Then why did you end that life with me. Didn't you love me. It's not for the best. It's not for the best that I can't stop thinking about you. Can't stop loving you. Can't stop our fairytale. I collapse on the floor, tears trickling down my cheek. I hugged myself tightly, the wind hissing at me violently. I was alone.

"Why?" I question angrily.

Why did love have to hurt so much?

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