Just Cant Let Her Go

Heyyy!! I'm Bianca but I hate that name!! Ew. Call me Bella. It won't make sense but I love that name :P. Anywho, I'm the most popular girl in school. I'm not like those losers who cut themselves. I'm the type of girl that is like, all guys want me, all girls want to be me. I take guys home every night, drink, go to clubs. Ya. There is this one guy who catches my eye. Henry? No.. Harrin? Nooo..... Harry! Yes. Harry ;)


2. 1

Bella's POV

   I wake to the sound of cars beeping and people yelling. "UGH WILL YOU MOFOS SHUT THE FUCK UP?" I scream. I look out my window to see the school badboy aka my boyfriend for the week, Zayn Malik, and his group of jocks, surrounding a nerd. Zayn looks up and sees me. He smirks and says,'' Hey babe, nice bra!" "Huh?" I look down and see im only wearing my black and red lace matching bra and panties. I smirk and flip him off. I grab his huge jumper from when we had sex 2 nights ago that he left, and tossed it on. " Aye, Malik, be down in a sec!!" He nods and continues to beat the nerd. I toss on my Converse and run outside. "Babe!! What did this nerd do?" Zayn scoffs and growls,'' He was watching your hot ass all yesterday'' I make a disgusted face and look at the nerd. Im about to slap him then I see his mysterious green eyes. ''Harry?''



A/N Heeyy sorry for the short chapter. It'll be better next chapter Xx

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