Perfect Vacation?

Jenny a girl who is 18 years old goes on a holiday to france for 2 weeks with her sister, mom and dad. she doesn't want to go. Everything changes when she meets Harry. The boy who stays next to her bungallow. Will they fall in love or not. Does Jenny want this vacation to end sooner or does she wanna stay longer?

Hi, I'm Renee and this is my first fanfic. I'm from the Netherlands so please don't hate my spelling and grammar (:

I hope you like it!


12. The "date 2"

Jenny's POV.

It's so beautifull Harry! Is this al for me? I mean I'm not that special. Why did you do this all? Tears started to form in my eyes.


Harry's POV.

She had tears in her eyes she looked so beautiful. I did this because I wanted something special for a special girl. We sat down on a towel on the beach. I opened the picnickbasket and gave her some food. I made sandwiches, fruit and strawberries with chocolate. There were candles everywhere. I did  a good job. We sat there for hours just talking and laughing. I lurned a lot more about her. She looked so beautiful in her red dress. No no not again! I can't think about her like that, never ever again. But it was so hard...


Jenny's POV.

I noticed Harry wasn't paying attention, he was in his own worl thinking. So I decided to do something he didn't expect from me. I unzipped my dress, so I was only in underwear right now. I started running into the sea. It was soo cold. After 5 minutes I saw Harry running towards me in only his boxers. He started swimming towards me.  There we were in the middle of the night in a lake only us two. It was nice.After 10 minutes I started to swim back because it was pretty cold. I walked pack towards the towel and wrapped it around myself. Harry was still in the lake when I saw a man hiding in a tree he had a camera and I immediatly yelled at Harry. Harry came out of the water and told me it was a pap. We dressed again and cleaned everything then we left. Harry didn't want this, but he couldn't do anything about it.




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