Perfect Vacation?

Jenny a girl who is 18 years old goes on a holiday to france for 2 weeks with her sister, mom and dad. she doesn't want to go. Everything changes when she meets Harry. The boy who stays next to her bungallow. Will they fall in love or not. Does Jenny want this vacation to end sooner or does she wanna stay longer?

Hi, I'm Renee and this is my first fanfic. I'm from the Netherlands so please don't hate my spelling and grammar (:

I hope you like it!


16. chapter 14

Sorry guyss I haven't updated in a while. School realy sucks.. homeworkhomeworkhomework. But I'm back now and I try to update as many as possible! I realy wanna thak you for reading my fanfic! Loveyouguyss!

Lots of Love!xx'


Harry's POV.

In my bungalow I decided to clean a bit. After I cleaned I went to the beach. It was empty. I sat in the sand, just thinking. Do I have to tell her I like her? I mean we almost kissed at our 'date'. But the paps needed to ruin everything. My thoughts were interrupt by someone calling my name. Harry..? I turned around and looked right in Jenny's eyes. They were beautiful. I tapped on the sand next to me. She came and sat down next to me. She looked hurt.


Jenny's POV.

I decided to go to the beach, I had to think. My grandma called us: grandpa is in hospital. Mom and dad decided that we should go to the hospital as soon as possible. That means that we leave tomorrow. I walked to the beach. When I was there I saw Harry sitting. I called him he turned around. I went to sit next to him. My eyes were red and puffy, I cried when I found out that gandpa was realy sick.


Harry's POV.

Jenny wasn't herself. I asked her what happend and she said that she would leave tomorrow because her grandpa is in hospital. I hug her and she started sobbing in my chest. I saw some flashing lights, great paps. I took Jenny with me to my bungalow and sat down with a cup of thea for both of us. Since this was the last day we had togheter we decided to have a lazy day, watch some movies and order some pizza. The boys came to. Jenny has a very strong band with them. *skip the lazy day* It was late in the evening and Jenny had to leave. we said our goodbyes and went to bed.... The next morning I woke up at 11 am. I looked outside my kitchenwindow and freezed in shock. Jenny's bungalow was empty, there was no car nothing. I broke down. We didn't said our proper goodbyes. I couldn't hold it anymore, the girl I liked so mutch was gonee....

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