Campfire Mystery

Ivory doesn't want to be at camp, but she has no choice. Skipping the activities, she hears something she shouldn't have. Starting off as a tiny lie, spiraling into a huge one...


2. The First Night

"Back to tents everybody!" the instructor calls out. Everyone gets up and go back to their tents, chatting with their friends. I don't want to be here. My mum and stepdad booked a last minute holiday and this was the only place they could find to send me on such short notice. I'd made a fuss, but all my mum said was, "Don't be silly, Ivory, it will be fine once your there!" I stare at the circle of tents and remember that I was in number 4. I slowly walk over and unzip it, taking my boots off and leaving them outside. I entered to see 3 girls sitting in a huddle in the middle of the tent, whispering and laughing. They all turn to look at me with big smiles. "Hi! I'm Ruby!" one says. She has short blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes. "Hannah!" another tells me. She has her long dark brown hair in a single plait down her back. "And I'm Laura." The final one says, looking up at me with green eyes, her black fringe flopping down her face. "Ivory." I mumble, sitting down next to my suitcase and digging out my sleeping bag.

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