Mystery Boy

Sky is a 16 year old girl that does not have any friends. She constantly gets bullied at school and her uncle Rick abuses her. Her parents left her when she was 11 so she had nowhere else to go. What happens when Sky goes into the house everyone says is haunted? Who will she meet along the way? Read more to find out.


7. The News

Sky's P.O.V.

"Im sorry Miss but he didnt make it." The nurse said giving me a sympathetic look. I fell to the floor crying even harder. "Im sorry miss Smith." The doctor said. "My last name isnt Smith!!!" I told him. "Oh, well im so sorry. I have seemed to have a little mix up. Hmm. Oh yes, Miss Green, Phoenix is going to be okay but will have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. You may go see him. I was sooo happy!! I mean im sorry for that girl but im happy Phoenix will be okay!! I ran to his hospital room and opened the door. He turned his head and when he saw me he gave me a smile. Gosh I loved his smile so much. I ran over to him and huged him making sure not to hurt his shoulder that was shot. After we huged I told him how sorry I was for everything but he just kept telling me it wasnt my fault. I was staying the night at the hospital because it was getting pretty late and I didnt want to leave. We just talked about life and I told him everything!! From me being born to now. It was around 10 and I was getting tired so I tried to fall asleep in my chair but it wasnt working to well because it was uncomfortable and I kept shuffleing around. "Sky, come here." Phoenix said. I went over to his bed and he patted a spot next to him . I climbed in slowly not wanting to hurt him. I layed down and we just looked into eachothers eyes. His eyes were like another world. He then moved a piece of my hair behind my ear so he could see my eyes better. "You know Sky, your beautiful." He said and I instantally blushed. He pulled me closer so my head was on his chest. I then fell asleep in his arms.


***Authors Note***

Hey guys!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your support!! <3 I wont be able to update for a couple of days because i am going to be on vacation (woop woop) haha. But I am really sorry and I wil try and write as much as I can while im there!! XXLove you guysXX


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