Imagine the most important thing you have being ripped away from you. Then the people you love and depend on leaving and betraying you. Now imagine, in your most vulnerable state, someone enters your life, and makes everything worse........
Young Shay is on the brink of discovering the power of the female body, but confounded by the sometimes unsavoury repercussions. She is also an infamous anomaly blazing a path of destruction through a small town, bringing shame to her home and ill repute to her own name. The source of her internal trauma; the most malicious and sexually depraved man you can envision.
She is preyed upon until her fear causes her to push any possible help away, and drives her into a state of depression and suicidal behaviour. Then a hero emerges offering sanctuary; but what he doesn't know, is that she has become so tainted by her environment that even when removed from it she is the most destructive force to herself and those around her.


10. Untamed


Chapter 10


We were parked off a winding road in the secluded shade of tall trees.

So, you got any action to back up all that talk? He asks.

All what talk? I ask giggling.

Oh playing innocent does not become you, he laughs.

He leans over me and kisses me. I push him back and show him my tongue ring as a reminder.

Oh okay, I’m sorry, he says.

He climbs on top of me and we start making out. He really started getting into it. His hands roamed all over my body, squeezing and groping almost everything. I was fine, until I felt him. He started undoing the rest of the buttons on my blouse.  My heart began pounding and then my chest, started tightening. He was now kissing my neck and moving down, lower......and lower, until his lips were on my breasts.

I swallow as I feel his hands beneath my shirt unfastening the clasp on my bra.


I called his name at least three times but he was already at that point of no return. Panic swept over me; my heart felt like it was about to burst out of my chest.

No John stop, stop get off me!


Stop it just stop it! Get off ah me! I shout pushing him off.

Wow La Shay calm down, I-I thought you wanted this? He asks in confusion.

I need some air, I say swinging the car door open.

No no, you stay, I’ll go, he says opening his side and getting out.

I waited for my heart rate to slow down and get back to normal before I tried to make sense of what just happened. I think I was just as confused as he was. I didn't know why I just freaked out like that, but for some reason the thought of him penetrating me scared the devil out of me. I wasn't sure why I even started this. I mean, my attraction to him wasn't even that strong. As a matter of fact the more I thought about it the less I wanted to do it.

I had just finished buttoning my blouse back up when he came back in the car. He exhaled before he spoke;

What just happened?

Can we just go? I don’t wanna talk about it.

Okay.....if that’s what you want.

That’s what I want, I say.

The radio was the only sound in the car as we drove back to the country club. I insisted on helping myself get out of the car on our arrival.

Are you gonna be able to get into your uniform unassisted? He asks.

I still have to wear that? Never mind I can do it, I say walking off.

Whether blue or orange, one way or the other it seemed like I was trapped in some stupid uniform. And Chambers, he was so hot and cold. One minute he was all business then the next he was flirting and then it was back to business again, without missing a beat. For once I was glad to see Cameron; he calmed my nerves about what had just happened. Only a half hour later Chambers was asking to see me in the downstairs office.

What’s up? I ask walking in.

Can you close the door behind you please? He asks.

Am I in trouble? I ask doing as he had requested.

Look, he says giving pause. About what happened out there, I’m sorry if I came on too strong.

It’s not that, I say.

So what is it then?

Can we just.....can we just stick to issues relating to my actual work here? I ask.

 We can do that, it’s not gonna change what happened though.

Can I please just go back to work?

Yeah, sure, he says after a short pause.

Cameron was waiting outside for me with questioning eyes.

Don’t ask, I say to him.

It seemed like Chambers wouldn't give this up. He tried to engage me one last time when I came to sign out.

We have to talk about this, he says.


I crossed a line that I shouldn't have, look I don’t want this to get in the way of my professional relationship with you.

John you screwed that up long before what happened today.

You’re just a kid; I can’t let this affect the way I do my job.

Did you forget I was a kid when—

Okay okay, he says putting his palms up. You don’t have to go there. I just....I mean you make me worry about you.

You’re not worried about me you’re worried about yourself.

Your behaviour today isn't normal.

So you’re a therapist now?

No but you should see one.

Why? Because I didn't want you inside me? I ask angrily.

No, because of that, you’re hostility and.....mood swings.

Well guess what from Monday I’ll be seeing the school therapist so you don’t need to worry about me, I say grabbing my crutch and making a hasty exit.

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