Imagine the most important thing you have being ripped away from you. Then the people you love and depend on leaving and betraying you. Now imagine, in your most vulnerable state, someone enters your life, and makes everything worse........
Young Shay is on the brink of discovering the power of the female body, but confounded by the sometimes unsavoury repercussions. She is also an infamous anomaly blazing a path of destruction through a small town, bringing shame to her home and ill repute to her own name. The source of her internal trauma; the most malicious and sexually depraved man you can envision.
She is preyed upon until her fear causes her to push any possible help away, and drives her into a state of depression and suicidal behaviour. Then a hero emerges offering sanctuary; but what he doesn't know, is that she has become so tainted by her environment that even when removed from it she is the most destructive force to herself and those around her.


9. Untamed


Chapter 9

I awoke at the crack of dawn. My skin was wet and cold from the night dew. I had slept for about four hours out here. I got up and stumbled forgetting my hurt ankle, it was swollen now. I took my time limping back to the house only to find that I was still locked out.

 I jimmied the lock on the kitchen window until I got it open and climbed in. I took my time getting upstairs and started getting ready for community service. But I was tired and I had closed my eyes for just a minute after I got ready and fell asleep again.

I was late for service and was in no mood for Chambers riding me, no pun intended. He looked concerned as he saw me exit the vehicle still limping. I had fastened two sticks on either side of my foot with a piece of cloth and stuck it down my suck since it was still too swollen to put my other sneaker on. The others watched with interest as I approached. He busily dismissed them to their work before turning his attention to me.

What happened? He asks.

I fell out my bedroom window.

You fell out your bedroom window? He repeats.

That’s what my stepdad told my mom, I return.

Come on let’s get you inside, he says taking my arm and helping me up the steps.

He took me to the kitchen and lifted me onto the counter.

Let’s have a look at that foot, he says carefully taking the suck off. So what really happened?

 Apparently I slipped and fell, no story. Ouh watch it! I say as he unwraps the foot.

I accidentally kick him and he stumbles back.

Ouh, he says holding his wrist.

Oh my God I’m so sorry are you okay?

I’ll be fine, he says with a sigh. La Shay relax, I’m not gonna hurt you.

You mean you’re not gonna hurt me again?

I’m not gonna hurt you on purpose, he says now standing between my legs.

He put his hands on my waist and looked at me.

Don’t kick me this time alright? He says with a smile.

Okay, I’ll try not to, I say returning the smile.

He stalled; we both looked at each other smiling. His hands moved down from my waist to my thighs. He started rubbing them as he stared into my eyes. I felt like he was daring me not to stop him. We were locked in a stare off until his hand started moving down my thigh and to my ankle. He took it in his hands and slowly removed my makeshift brace.

You should have put some ice on this to counteract the swelling.

He got some ice and wrapped it in a towel. He warned me it might hurt before he applied it to the inflamed ankle.

Just hold it there for a while, he instructs. I’m gonna go check and see what your colleagues are doing.

You don’t have to do that you know, I say.

I’m sorry?

Why are you always breathing down their backs like that?

One, cause that’s my job, and two, they’re offenders , ex convicts and future convicts. They need to be constantly supervised.

That’s how you see us? I ask a bit offended.

Face it Shay, if you all keep up with the way you’re going now you’re only going to end up in one place.

Thanks for the vote of confidence John.

I’m sorry it came out like that. Look let’s not complicate this.

You mean complicate this further.

Shay just keep the ice on your ankle I’ll be back in a little while, he says before walking out.

A few minutes later Cameron walks in.

You’re now getting in? I ask. Chambers is gonna have your ass.

Forget Chambers, what are you doing here? What happened to your foot?

I think I sprained it.

Lemme see, he says walking over to get a closer look, damn that looks painful.

Williams you’re late! Who says you have time for small talk?

Cut me some slack man I just walked in—

Twenty five minutes late, suit up now.

You take care of that foot I’ma talk to you later, Cameron says before walking out annoyed.

See that’s what I’m talking about, you didn't have to do that, I say once we’re alone.

Okay let me just put your sexiness aside for one minute so I can tell you to stop telling me how to do my job.

You gonna add another day to his service too?

Why are you so concerned about what I do with Williams?

He’s...a friend okay.


No don’t do that shit cause it’s not even like that, we’re just friends.

Okay. Let’s see that ankle, he says sighing.

Ouh can’t you be more gentle than that!

Hey I’m trying to help you stop being so hostile, he says. It’s turning blue, I think you need to go to the hospital so they can dress this properly and probably give you some meds for the pain.

You taking me?

Do I have a choice?

After he made the rounds one more time leaving his list of orders and threats he told them he was taking me to the hospital and we left in his car. It didn't take too long for them to gauze and wrap my foot. I left with some painkillers and a crutch. Hated the crutch but my foot was feeling better already.

So can I go home?  I ask once we were in the car again?

Why? You’re in better shape than you came. Besides if you leave you’re gonna have to come back on Monday to make up your hours.

Can’t you throw your little rule book out the window for one minute?

Only when it comes to certain rules, he says with a smile.


He looks over at me and laughs.

How long are you willing to leave your crew without a baby sitter?

Depends on what for.

I unbuttoned my blouse almost midway and started fanning my boobs like I was so warm.

Whatever reason you can find, I say.

You just gave me two, he says making a detour.

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