The Domain of Death Himself

Xanthus is Death, and Death has a busy life, as you'd imagine. What with the scythe work and the whole soul collecting stuff. His days are long and kind of dull, until he meets a certain, someone.


2. Is anyone in any need of assistance?

“I’m tired. Can I have a day off?”

                “Um, who are you?” The frightened looking teenager glanced behind her at the door.

                “Oh my darling. If only you knew.” He tried to smile again. He received the same reaction from every person he smiled at: the scared yelp. That stupid sound! Xanthus looked at the gently ticking clock on the wall behind him.

                He’d only just arrived at his own company, but who could tell him he was in the wrong? He was the boss after all. Turning he reached towards the scythe resting against the wall beside his solid metal desk, clipping a pale hand across its sharpened edge. “Ouch.” He cursed.

                “Are you okay?” The girl drew his attention back to her. Death allowed his blood to drip onto the floor with soft nonchalance. He peered at her through his black eyes, his hair dropping into his eyes as it always did.

                “Yeah.” The tall man replied shortly. The scythe in his delicate fingers twisted, the blade narrowly missed the girl as it swung round in a half circle.

                “Why am I here?”

                “You’re dead, child.”

                “D-dead. Are you threatening me?” She looked at the door again.

                “No. You’re dead.”

                “No I am not!” The teenager almost screamed at him. Death shook his head in evident pain.

                “Please, I have a migraine. It’s way too early to be in work.” It was true. Usually he was at work at three, but that day he was there at work at one. One o’clock in the afternoon how early could it be?

                “A migraine?! How is that important. I am not dead!” Xanthus sighed in irritation. Did girls have to be so shrill. It wasn’t his fault he had that job. It would be nice to get some appreciation once in a while. Even though it was he who had founded the company it still wasn’t his fault. He wasn’t the first to make such a business. What was that other one called..? Who would remember something so unimportant? Something so stupid. He’d settle that later...


“Um, sir?”

                “Sir?” Xanthus was pretty shocked. No one had ever talked to him with any ounce of respect. He liked it. “How do you feel about being my assistant?”

                “What?!” She exclaimed. “You want me to be your assistant?”



                “Oh… okay…” Why didn’t people like him? He was only doing his job. They should be grateful. He was doing them a favour.

                “Well heaven, hell… Choose.”


                “You have ten seconds to decide.”


                “That was fast. So here’s the good part you have to give me two parts of your body. Anything. Or more if you’re feeling generous.”

                “What! You can’t do that! Wait! Why am I even here! I can just leave! I will leave! Goodbye!” She turned and began to run from the room. Xanthus rolled his eyes and swiped his scythe through the air. The girl dropped to the ground. Sighing, Death pushed the button that summoned his… employees.

                A beefy looking man with no hair and no neck came in, his arms seemingly unable to actually touch his sides; they stuck out awkwardly by his side. To be honest Xanthus didn’t even remember hiring a man like that but if he came in handy why not use him. He really had to keep a check on things.

                “Can you clean that up, before it stains?”

                “Of course, boss.”

                “Do you have to call me that? I do have a name.”

                “Yes boss.”

                “What are you saying yes to?”

                “I don’t know boss.”


                “I’m sorry.” He scooped up the bleeding body and left the room as if they’d never even had a conversation.

                God! Why was every one so stupid? He really had to get some better workers… And an assistant. 

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