Love Bites

Harry: 19 years old in human years, vampire, curly brown hair, green eyes (when not a full vampire), controlling personality.

Emily: 18 years old, mortal, straight dirty-blonde hair, brown eyes, easily controlled personality

What happens when these two meet? Read to find out!


1. Harrys POV

~Harry's POV~




I was walking down the street when I heard footsteps behind me. I decided not to look back, bad choice! I was slammed in to the wall by a probably 20 year old woman. As I fell to the ground she leaned down into the crook of my neck and bit me! All I felt was pain until I blacked out. The last thing I remember is "Harry you're a..."


All I could think about is a what!






Please tell me what you think! Also there will be a character contest! 


-Emily xx



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