Still The One

Ella Barnes never thought she would see her childhood crush again. Niall had gone on the X-Factor and was in a world famous band now. But he's back in her life, trying to win her heart back. Will he win her heart, or will he become just another broken-hearted pop star?


1. Moving to London

"Yes, mom, I did remember my toothbrush and my shoes. Yes, I'm sure I want to move here," I sigh, "Okay, mom, I have to go. Yeah, I love you too, see you soon. Okay, I'll call you when I get to the hotel. Bye, mom. I'm hanging up now." Moms can nag so much.

I walk through the airport, trying to find the baggage claim, when I see the thousands of screaming girls, surrounding the one guy. Wow, desperate much?

"Oh my God. This can NOT be happening to me. Why me?" I think.

"Hey, Ella! I haven't seen you in ages!" I hear a familiar Irish voice call out to me.

I turn around. "Hey, Niall," I say, inwardly groaning.

"How have you been? I haven't seen you since high school!"

"I've been good, just moved from Ireland to here. How about you?" I say, looking at all of the screaming fans.

"I've been...... busy. It's hard work, being an international pop star," He says, obviously proud of himself for bringing that up.

"I'm sure it is," I sneer, "Thousands of girls flinging themselves at you, doing what you always wanted to do, sing professionally. Becoming a multi-millionare. Must be so extremely hard to be living the dream, with everyone in the world knowing you. Gosh, I'm so glad I'm just a small-town, working class girl!" I say sarcastically, walking away from him.

"Wait. Ella, that's not what I meant!" I hear him call after me, but I don't need to hear any more about how successful, good looking, and famous he is. I'm done with following him around like a love-struck puppy, like I did in high school.

I stomp towards the baggage claim, furious at him for being so successful, while he left me stuck in Ireland. I could have sworn that the last thing he said to me before going on the X-Factor was, "Don't worry, Ella. Once I win the X-Factor and become famous, I'll come back and get you from here, and we can travel the world together!"

Well, I guess he forgot about me. And now, i's time for me to forget about him.

I got all of my luggage together, stopping at the in-airport Starbucks and getting a grande hot chocolate. Now all I need to do was put my luggage in the taxi, and get to the hotel. I would call my mother later.


**Author's note. This is my first time writing a fan fiction, so please give me feedback. Any writing tips are accepted, but please, no negative or rude comments. Thanks for reading!**



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