The Story of Emma White ( completed )

Hello everyone . This is my first fanfiction hope you like it . It talks about the 18 years old Emma White that met Harry Styles the one that changed her life .


7. Surprise

Harry's POV : Emma called me , she invited me to her house for dinner . She seemed so happy I can know from her voice . At 8 pm I arrived to Emma's house . She was wearing a short red dress and she prepared a romantic dinner for the two of us . Red roses and red candels filled the place . " So what's the reason for this romantic dinner ? " - " I broke up with Jason , he's not my fiance anymore . I'm all yours now " - " That's great " - " Would you like to dance ? " - " yeah sure " While we were dancing on the melodies of love songs Emma took my hand and placed it on her tummy " guess who's in there " she said . I couldn't believe , is Emma pregnant ?! Is it my baby in her stomach ?! " You're pregnant ?! " - " Yes I am " . I lifted Emma up and I kissed her . This is the best present that she would give me . I think I'll be the best father in the world and now the happiest man on earth . I can't let Emma go , I love her , I need her beside me forever . I should marry her as soon as possible .
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