The Story of Emma White ( completed )

Hello everyone . This is my first fanfiction hope you like it . It talks about the 18 years old Emma White that met Harry Styles the one that changed her life .


6. Pregnant !!!

Emma's POV : I haven't seen Jason for a month , his friends are saying that he's living with Sandy his ex . I'm still living in the flat that I share with Jason but sometimes I go to Harry's place or he comes to mine . Recently I've been feeling dizzy all the time and I always vomit . First I didn't visit a doctor , but when my period was late I went to the doctor . I thought it's late because I'm sick but the thing that I didn't imagine was being pregnant . Sure Harry's the father because I never had sex with Jason . I called Jason and I asked him if we can meet . We met at Starbucks . I said " Jason , things aren't going great between us , you're living with your ex and I'm pregnant from a guy . I think we can't solve these big problems and love each other as we used to , so I prefer that we will stay friends . " - " You're pregnant ?! Haha . You know I used to wish that we'll have children together but you're right we should just stay friends . I can't love you like I used to in the past since I love Sandy now "-" I don't care whom you're in love with . This is your ring . Bye my friend good luck " I left with a big smile on my face . Finally I'm free I can stay with harry as much as I want . I have to tell him that I'm pregnant but it would be better if I surprise him !!
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