Charlie Rebecca Jones is a 14 year old girl with nothing but a better life. Well thats what everyone thought, but in reality it isnt. She gets bullied and abused at school and has only two friends, her best friend Bailey Summers who is also 14 and she is really supportive of Charlie and would do anything for her. Then there is her best friend that she has known for her whole life he is 15 and he is..... Harry Styles. Well one day something tragic happens in Charlie's life and thats when Harry steps in. You see he cant be seen around her because of his reputation but that day he doesnt care. You cant separate these two from each other because they will always find their way back. Will that be the day Harry tells his true feelings for his best friend? Will Charlie accept her feelings for him two? Or will their lives just rip their friendship apart? Read more to find out.


2. The Day

Harry's P.O.V


Why did Jess have to be so mean to her. I feel really guilty for not saying anything and sticking up for her. I mean she is my best friend and I think....the one I love. No Harry you dont love your best friend. But then again I could- NO Harry you dont. Okay I'm just going to leave it now I'm so confused with my life.


"Jess? " I asked frowning. She turns around and her peircing blue eyes burn through my green ones.


"Yeah babe " she said sweetly. I hated how she acted all innocent.


"Why did you have to be so mean to Charlie, what has she ever done to you? " I asked.


"So what your deciding with that bitch again " she said angrily.


"Jess she isnt a bitch and no I'm not but why did you have to be so rude " I said frowning.


"Because I dont like her and she has done something to me her being alive is what it is " she said looking a little bit happy with herself.


I was so tempted to walk over to her and slap her straight in the face. But unfortunetly I cant given to my reputation and I could be expelled and have a criminal record for breaking the law.


"Okay " I said, guilt rushing through me as I looked down siding with my girlfriend once again.


Charlie's P.O.V


*Ring Ring*


"Oh shit my phones ringing just give me a minute Bailey I have to take this " I said to Bailey as I answered the phone.


"Okay " she replied.


"Hello " I said through the phone.


"Is this Charlie Jones " the woman asked.


"Yes this is she " I replied confused.


"Hi my name is Anne I work at the Cheshire hospital " she said a little sadly.


"Yeah what's happened " I asked confused.


"I'm sorry to say this but your mum, she was in a car crash and she didnt make it. I'm very sorry " she said.


I dropped the phone in shock and dropped to my knees with my head in my hands crying.


"CHARLIE!!! " Bailey screamed running over to me.


She picked up the phone from the ground. "Hi, I'm sorry but Charlie cant make it to the phone can I ask who this is, what happened " she said through the phone.


Her eyes suddenly widened at what she said but I just went back to crying.


"Okay thank you " she said hanging up the phone.


"She's gone Bailey, my life, my mum, my everything gone, taken away from me and all I have left is my abusive father " I cried into her shoulder.


"It's okay Charlie it's okay everything will be fine we will work it out, do you want me to get Harry? " she asked trying to calm me down.


"No he cant be anywhere near me cause of fucking reputation shit which I think is fucking stupid seeing I am his best friend " I yelled.


"It's okay calm Charlie we dont have to get him " she said calming me down.


Soon enough everyone stopped in there tracks to see my crying on the floor.


Harry's P.O.V


We were coming around the corner when I hear Jess say something.


"Aww look did something happen to the little slut " she said laughing.


I saw who she was referring to. There I see is Charlie on the ground with Bailey comforting her as she cried.


"CHARLIE!!! " I yelled running towards her.


"Harry what are you doing near her " she said looking digusted at her.




She looked at me shocked and ran away crying. Right now I didnt give a shit about her crying but I did care about Charlie crying. I love her.


"Charlie, what happened " I asked her. She looked up to me with red eyes from crying.


"She's gone Harry, my mums gone " she cried in my shoulder.


"What happened? " I asked Bailey.


"The hospital rang her and said that her mum died in a car crash today and thats when I saw Charlie fall to the ground and I quickly ran over to her " she looking concerned.


"Thank you Bailey " I said smiling at her. She gave me a little smile back.


"Haha her mum died " someone in the audience said. Charlie lifted her head from my shoulder and stood up. I know what's going to happen next but I'm just going to let her do it herself.


"WHO THE FUCK SAID THAT!! " she yelled looking around. No one moved they just started to look around to.


"I SAID WHO THE FUCK SAID THAT!!! " she said again.


At that moment a guy that I knew walked out. Fucking Chris, I thought he would of known better but I just kept still and let Charlie do it.


"COME HERE!!! " she yelled at him.


He walked forward and stood infront of her. She looked at him with disgust and I just death stared him.


"WHY THE FUCK DO YOU FIND THIS FUNNY, MY MUM JUST FUCKING DIED AND YOU FIND IT FUNNY!!! " she said hitting him straight in the face which sent him straight to the ground. I just stood there and laughed.


She towered over him as he was lying there on the ground.


"HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF YOUR FUCKING MUM DIED HEY!!! " she yelled kicking him in the ribs. She is doing pretty well for a girl.


"No " i heard him quietly say.


"WHAT WAS THAT!!! " she yelled kicking him again.


"I said no " he said again.


"THATS WHAT I FUCKING THOUGHT!! " she said punching him in the face a couple more times. I quickly stepped in just before it got a little to out of hand. I pulled her away from him and dragged her to the bathrooms.


"Harry let me go and beat the shit out of that guy " she yelled at me.


"No Charlie thats enough you've done enough damage, let's just get you cleaned up please " I said to her. She just nodded as I walked her to the girls toilets.


"Hey Harry what are you doing in here " a girl said trying to flirt with me.


"Get the fuck out all of you " I said. It took them by surprise but let straight away. I close the door and turned around to see Charlie on the ground crying again.


I slid down next to her and put my arms around her trying to comfort her. She cried on my shoulder again. I grabbed a paper towel and wet it a bit. I lifted her head up and wiped away the tears on stained mascara on her cheeks. She was so beautiful even if she was like this.


"Harry why did it have to be me, why do I get abused and bullied and have my mum die, my best friend having to ignore me cause of his reputation- " i cut her off.


"Listen Charlie I dont care about my reputation anymore all I care about is you okay " I said reasurring her.


Charlie's P.O.V


Is he really giving up his reputation just to take care of me. At that moment he crashed his lips onto mine. It was like fireworks going off and electricity running down my spine. He pulled away a minute catching his breath. Wow did that really just happen. What are these feelings that I'm having for him is it love? I have no idea.


"I love you Charlie " Harry said looking at me.


He what.

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