Charlie Rebecca Jones is a 14 year old girl with nothing but a better life. Well thats what everyone thought, but in reality it isnt. She gets bullied and abused at school and has only two friends, her best friend Bailey Summers who is also 14 and she is really supportive of Charlie and would do anything for her. Then there is her best friend that she has known for her whole life he is 15 and he is..... Harry Styles. Well one day something tragic happens in Charlie's life and thats when Harry steps in. You see he cant be seen around her because of his reputation but that day he doesnt care. You cant separate these two from each other because they will always find their way back. Will that be the day Harry tells his true feelings for his best friend? Will Charlie accept her feelings for him two? Or will their lives just rip their friendship apart? Read more to find out.


1. Harry

Charlie's P.O.V


"What are you doing this weekend? " i ask my best friend Bailey.


"I'm going to the movies with Cody, what are you doing this weekend? " she said raising her eyesbrows up and down.


She is always spending time with her boyfriend I cant remember the last time we spent a day together, and I'm always asking Harry if I can spend the weekend with him I think he might be getting annoyed at me.


"I'm probably going to hang out with Harry again and go and skate " i said with a shrug.


"Ooooh La La " she said nudging my arm.


"Oh please you know as well as I do that he is just my best friend nothing else " I couldnt hold the blush that was coming through my cheeks.


"And you know as well as I do that you have feelings for him " she said with a wink.


"Nah ah"


"Yer ah"


"Argh can we just get off the subject " i whined.


"Fine, so have you and Harry " she said raising her eyebrows up and down again.


"OMG Bailey " I said.


Soon enough we just started bursting out with laughter.


"Bailey how can I when he is dating that stupid slut Jess " I put a finger in my mouth pretending to gag.


"Haha yer I know, do you want to know what I'm making for her " she said with a big grin on her face.


"Baillleeeyy what are you making " i asked suspiciously.


"I'm making her pants that go down to her knees she needs them " she said starting to crack up.


"OMG Bailey hahaha " i said full on laughing.


"Hey look speak of the devil 12 o'clock is Mr Hotty over there " she said pointing.


I looked to where she was suposively pointing at and it was my best friend Harry. I gave Bailey a little hit on the back of her head.


"Heeeeyy what was that for " rubbing the back of her head.


"Oh come on it didnt hurt you wussy " i laughed.


"Hey Charlie " Harry said with a wink.


"Hey Harry " i said back giving him a wink.


"Ewww Harry dont talk to that whore " Jess said giving me a disgust look.


"Dont be mean Jess seriously there is nothing wrong with her " Harry said looking a little to angry.


"What now your siding with the emo are you " she said raising her eyebrows and crossing her arms.


"No " Harry said looking down with guilt written all over his face.


"Good now come on " she said flicking her hair back with her hand.


"Hey dont worry about him Charlie " Bailey said comforting me.


Hey I'm Charlie Jones. I'm 14 years old and I live in Cheshire, England. I live with my mum and dad but my dad always comes home drunk and hits me. Mum doesnt though. I get bullied and abused at school too. I have two best friends Bailey Summers and Harry Styles. They are my everything.


A/N - Hey guys I tried to make it a long enough chapter. This is my first chapter to my second book and I'm absolutely excited in writing. I'll try and post the second chapter tonight to my first book. I hope you enjoy this. Please like, comment and become a fan. Love you. xxxStylinsonxxx

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