New Season, New Start

Sequel to - Not Just Another Summer

Emma is starting again with her new friend Nicole, new career goals, new jobs, new beginnings until a specific someone from her past brings back the memories of that one summer where everything went wrong. Will they drag up the past or make Emma rethink her future?


2. Personal from Professional

 "God if he knows its really me he'll start asking all the questions about everything, Im still not over it i don't want to deal with it right now! wait, what if i pretend its not me and ive never been to Australia, and just try and forget about last year" I said,

"Uh, I don't think thats a good idea" she said worriedly looking at me, "Its not only going to hurt him but you as well"

"I don't care it will have to do for now" I said grabbing some paperwork which i needed to sort of make it look less suspicious, Nicole trailed behind me picking up stray papers which I dropped , by the time we got back outside all the boys where standing there and I decided to just pretend i didn't know them, which was going to be hard because Shan was there, Im guessing her and Harry's relationship was still going strong,

"Hi, Im Emma, Welcome to Sony Studio's, If you follow me this way to your studio and Mark your producer will be in with you shortly" I said calmly showing them down the hall into one of the studios, I unlocked the door showing them in,

"If you guys don't need anything, I need to get back to finishing up some of your paperwork but I will be down the hall at the receptionist desk if you need me" I said backing out of the room slowly and making my way back to where Nicole was. I didn't really stay long enough for a reaction I just showed them there studio and ran pretty much.

I sat down at the front desk to see Luke rounding the corner and entering the front door he is our boss' nephew he calls himself a pro, Nicole and I call him a Traniee , he sits in with his uncle because he is into music as well especially producing it but right now he isn't the best with the soundboard,

"Well hello there lovey ladies" Luke said acting all smug leaning against the desk winking, Nicole and I just looked at each other then back at him,

"Ok lets get straight to the point, you have two options to work with Jessie J or some band thats coming in today, Mark hasn't told us who they are yet" I said as he weighed the options,

"Jessie J" he answered quickly really excited,

"Thats what I forgot to tell you because you repetitively hugged Jessie J without her permission when she was last here your uncle banned you from working with her so you stuck with the mysterious band"

"Why didn't you tell me earlier then" he slightly shouted,

"Because I wanted to get your hopes up" I smiled as Nicole and I let out a slight giggle,

"Now that was rude" he said emphasizing the 'rude' bit,

"Well thats what you get when you tell people Usher is here and it turns out it was just a joke" I said crossing my arms,

"Come on you have to admit that was funny" he said laughing, "It still replays in my head"

"You know whats gonna replay in my head, when i murder you" i said as he backed away from the desk with his arms raised defensively,

"Ok fair enough, well im gonna go see the guys what studio" he asked,

"Last one" i said pointing down the hall as my attention was drawn back to the computer screen.


Soon enough he came back, and not very excited to work with our new celebs,

"and what seems to be the problem, dear Luke" I asked all sweetly,

"I am not working with One Direction" he yelled,

"I know exactly why i stuck you with them, go i have work to do and don't touch anything until your uncle gets here" i said shooing him off with my hand. By then i realised Nicole had left as well most likely hanging out with Jessie, damn her was all that went through my brain until i realised there was someone starring at me. I turned to see a handsome blonde boy with dazzling blue eyes starring at me.

"Um May I help you with anything, Mr. uuh" I started,

"Emma what are you doing?" He asked getting straight to the point,

"Uh sorry, what?" I asked trying to act confused,

"What are you doing here, now?" he asked,

"Im uh working" I said looking around for someone anyone to walk in ruin this extremely awkward moment.

"Emma you know what i meant, what are you doing in London?" he asked starting to get a bit impatient,

"Look Mr. Horan, I have always lived in London, and I would like to keep my personal life to myself now would you please return to you studio, the producer should be in soon" I replied raising my voice a bit, he stepped back from the desk then looking a bit upset he lowered his head and walking back up the corridor to the last studio, that is when i realised what Nicole mean't, I hated lying to him it hurt me and him.


I couldn't spend to much time thinking about that because the reception desk phone rang,

"Good Morning, Sony Studios, Emma Speaking" I answered,

"Hey Emma, its Mark just calling to tell you I will be late im stuck in some really bad traffic i think there was an accident or something, Is the band there yet?" He asked, (Mark is another one of the producer and so is John, the guy i spoke about earlier)

"Yea they arrived around 5 to 10 minutes ago, What do you want me to do?" I asked,

"Uh well i don't know how long i will be, but i trust you more them Luke get in there and start them on vocals, you know what to do, good luck Emma" he said before hanging up.

Why of all days did he choose today to be late! I grabbed some stuff and made my way into the studio, I found them all chatting away with Luke, i stopped just outside the door and heard some light voices and my name come up every now and again. I started talking then turned the corner and the whole room fell silient.

"Well boys, turns out Mark is stuck in some really bad traffic and won't know how long he will be, so he has asked if you would start on your vocals for some songs" I said,

For a while it was quite then Harry cleared his throat,

"Uh sure yeah lets go boys" he said standing up, then Luke got up,

"Well lets get this started" he said making his way to the soundboard,

"Uh what do you think your doing?" I asked turning to him,

"Helping the boys record, Why?"

"Mark, your uncle wants you know where near the board, he said im in charge, now out"  I said squeezing past him and sitting down in front of the board,

"And why aren't allowed near the board?" he asked crossing his arms defensively,

"Because 1 im better at this then you and 2 your uncle doesn't trust you" i said using my fingers as i counted, he eventually gave up and walked out but i had all the boys on the ground laughing.


"Now who wants to go first, and what song do you want to start with?" I asked as I would be helping them record there new album Take Me Home.

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