Young love

Niall horan misses his 13 year old brother John so he invites him to go on tour with him.
Louis tomlinson misses his 13 year old sister Hannah so he invites her to go on tour with him.
What happens when one of the younger siblings fancies the other?? Read to find out.


7. Do you like ________??

Johns pov

When we made it to the tour bus I went straight to my bunk and started playing on my phone. As I was playing FIFA 2013 I heard someone coming towards my bunk and then my curtain flew open to reveal niall standing there. "Hey niall" I said "hi,umm can i ask you something??"niall asked "sure,go ahead." I replied "do you like Hannah??" He asked "pshhh whaaaat nooo"I said lying. "I know you're lying Johnny"he said "ok yeah I do but don't tell anyone!!" I said to him "promise"he said. 


Nialls pov 

I knew it!! Well now what am I going to do just let him sit there loving her??no I have to find out if Hannah likes him back. "Hey Hannah?"I say as I walk towards her. "Ya niall?"she replys  "do you like John?" I asked "pshhh whaaaat nooooo"she says obviously Lying just like John did "I know you're lying" "ok yeah I do but don't tell anyone!!"she said "promise" I said 

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