Worst Nightmare

Marisa has been in the same awful, scary town and is ready to leave, one night on her own she runs into a monster of a guy. What happens when he decides she's his and is dermined to have her. All she knows is he is her new worst nightmare, while he slowly slowly starts to follow, stock and scare her and oddly start to care for her, but can't express it in any good way. (One Direction not famous)


6. 6. Dream

Marisa’s P.O.V


“I love it here” I spoke to Frances as I was back at my old school with a group of my friends. “Last I heard, Jeremy still likes you” Frances told me as I looked at the hot guy sitting across from me. He then got up of his seat “Want to walk?” he asked as I looked at his brown hair and brown eyes. I took his hand and began walking with him. “So there’s a rumour you like me is it true?” I asked smiling. “Jeremy?” I asked as he ignored.

“Jeremy?” I continued to call as he just looked away. “Jeremy!” I yelled as he threw me to the wall. “Don’t raise your voice to me” he yelled back. His hair then turned to black as all his facial appearances changed to Zayn’s. “Oh my god” I said running as he pulled out a knife. I ran as fast as I could but every corner I turned he was there. “Get away from me” I yelled as my location was then switched to the alley. Zayn then stood there as he held a knife to my mum’s throat and Harry with a knife to Frances’. “What to you want” I cried as Zayn looked up. His eyes were dark, “You” Zayn then sliced my mum’s neck as the same time Harry did to Frances. I screamed as I saw them fall to the ground. “Your turn” he said running towards me.

*Back to real life*

“Marisa!” My mum yelled as I woke up startled. “Mum I said crying giving her a huge hug. “You were screaming in your sleep” she said out of breath. “I had a nightmare” I told her as she looked confused. “About what?” she asked as I sat there still collecting my thoughts. “I can’t tell you” I cried as my mum looked concerned. “Why not? Marisa tell me the dream” I then shook my head. “When are we leaving” I cried as mum sighed. “We’re not, Look Marisa I got a steady new job, but it’s here” My jaw dropped. “You said we could leave” I wined as my mum jumped in. “If I got a steady job somewhere else, but I can work here with a good amount of money coming in, we’ll talk more tomorrow. Get some sleep” she said kissing my forehead.

Get some sleep? How could I? The one thing I’ve been counting on is now gone, I am not leaving this town. How could I be stuck here? I quickly grabbed my journal I recently wrote in and put another entry in.

It’s figured out, I’m not moving. My mum might think this is good but if only she knew. About the fears, the monsters, the town was a whole lot worst then she thinks. I have a real monster ready to danger our lives and I can’t even tell her. My life is really falling apart, What’s new?

I then shut my journal and put it back to its place. I knew I wasn’t going to bed anytime soon.

When it was about 9am I was still awake from being up at 4am. At least it was a Saturday, I got up and took a shower. I decided to wear my dark jeans and a light pink tank top. Pink was probably my favorite colour… why I have no clue but I definitely liked it. So simple yet sparky! I put on a small amount of make up on then fish tailed my hair to the side. It was such a nice day out and I knew I was semi safe from 11am-3pm. I decided I’d go to the local market and just get an already made sandwich.

“Hi can I get a ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat” I asked the boy behind the counter. “I don’t know can you” I gave the blond boy a small laugh. “Is this all” he said giving me the sandwich, “I think so” I said taking out my wallet. “Are you sure? Because there’s a blond worker who just might want to take you out tonight” I looked at the guy as he smiled. He had a beautiful smile, his blond hair with some brown in it and blue eyes. He was very attractive but at the same time I just met him. If he had a job he couldn’t be bad right? “How about 7?” he asked as I watched him check his watch, “Sure” I said as he gave me a paper for my number and address. “Oh I’m Niall, Niall Horan” he spoke, “And how about you?” I smiled as I finished writing. “Marisa” Niall then took the paper. “I’ll see you later Marisa” I nodded and thanked him for the sandwich then left.

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