Worst Nightmare

Marisa has been in the same awful, scary town and is ready to leave, one night on her own she runs into a monster of a guy. What happens when he decides she's his and is dermined to have her. All she knows is he is her new worst nightmare, while he slowly slowly starts to follow, stock and scare her and oddly start to care for her, but can't express it in any good way. (One Direction not famous)


26. 26. I'd do it Again

Almost done! Going to be for sure done by tonight or tomorrow! Thanks for all the feedback and reads! I apreciate it! -Marisa

I took a deep breath and nodded to the doctor. I followed him into a room where I saw Zayn laying. “Zayn” I spoke as I quickly made my way over to him. “Marisa?” he questioned as he tried to open his eyes. “Yeah it’s me” I spoke as I grabbed his hand. “Don’t leave” he spoke as his eyes remained closed. “I won’t” I smiled. I looked at Zayn’s damaged body. I could see a big bandage wrapped around his abdomen and lots of bruises around his body. “So how to you feel?” I asked as Zayn’s lip slightly smirked. “I was shot, so not so good” I laughed. “I know but your alive, got to feel good about that” I smiled as I watched him. “They say I can come home in 2 days if I heal quickly and take it slow” I was surprised. “Surgery must have been good then” Zayn slowly nodded.

“Are you tired? Cause I can let you sleep” I told him, “No I like listening to you talk” he smiled. “Well I don’t have much to say, thank you for what you did, it was insanely brave” I spoke as I held his hand tighter. “I didn’t want to lose you” he smiled as a tear fell from his closed eye. “Zayn? I um” I saw him slowly open his eyes to see me. “I, I love you” is what came out of me. But it was true, after everything the only thing I felt for this guy is incredible love. I quickly got up and leaned over him to connect our lips. I gave him a very gentle kiss. “Your beautiful” he smiled, “Your on pain killers” I laughed as I noticed he was acting funny. Zayn smiled and Frances made her way in.

“Zayn this is my best friend Frances” I smiled as she walked in. “She the one who got the cops and ambulance, “Well, thank you Frances, weren’t for you I probably wouldn’t be having this conversation” he smiled as Frances nodded happily. “Good to see you okay! And thanks that could have been Marisa” she smiled as I nodded. “No problem, I’d do it again” Zayn slowly yawned. “We’ll let you get sleep, Night” I spoke as I kissed him on the cheek. Frances and I then left the room.

We saw Eleanor with her family in the waiting room to get checked out. She waved goodbye to us then to Louis, she must have got on okay terms with him. I watched him wave back as he made his way over. “Is Zayn alright?” Louis asked. “Yeah he’s just really tired so he’s going to bed” I then looked at the time. It was super late, “We’re going to leave to, goodnight Louis” I walked past him. “Wait” he spoke as I turned around. “I used to stay at Eleanor’s, I can’t do that anymore. Can I crash at your house just for tonight?” he asked as I looked at Frances. “If your fine with a couch” I said unsure as he nodded. We all then left and made our way home.

“I don’t feel well about this” I told Frances as we made up the couch with blankets for Louis. “I’m sure he’ll be fine” she spoke reassuring. Louis then came out of the bathroom. “That should be good, thanks” he smiled. Frances and I then made our way up to my room. “You take the bed, I got the ground” I laughed as she quickly laid down. I laid on the ground and stared at the roof. So much had happened this week. I lost my mum, 2 great friends, and the one I wasn’t even on good terms with. I sighed and made my way back downstairs to get water. I was startled as I saw Louis standing in the kitchen.

“You scared me” I said putting my hand over my heart. “Sorry, couldn’t sleep” he spoke as he had a glass of water to. I quickly got my water and drank it silently across from him. “Are you okay? Your eyes look wet” Louis spoke. “Not really” I smiled. “What’s wrong?” He asked. “Well I lost my mum, sweet Niall, and Harry” Louis nodded. “I know, they were my best friends, well not your mum but the lads” I nodded. “I feel like shit for beating up Niall, and treating Harry the way I did” I nodded. “Yeah me and Harry went into that alley with a unresolved argument and I fell like crap because I can’t apologize.” Louis nodded, “I feel the same way” I finished the water and put it in the sink. “I’m tired now, sweet dreams” I smiled at him and went back upstairs.

Once I woke up Frances was still asleep. “Frances” I whispered. “Frances” I said banging her knee as she woke up. “Let’s get breakfast then head back to the hospital” I told her as she nodded. We quickly got dressed then went downstairs only to find it trashed.

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