Worst Nightmare

Marisa has been in the same awful, scary town and is ready to leave, one night on her own she runs into a monster of a guy. What happens when he decides she's his and is dermined to have her. All she knows is he is her new worst nightmare, while he slowly slowly starts to follow, stock and scare her and oddly start to care for her, but can't express it in any good way. (One Direction not famous)


24. 24. The Alley


“Zayn buddy!” Louis yelled as I walked with my head down. “Great to see ya lad” he spoke doing a handshake. “This the lady?” Louis asked as Zayn nodded. “One and only” He smiled. “Great come on” Louis spoke as he walked further down the alley where the other boys were. We all stood in a circle not making eye contact. “So what’s your name?” Louis asked as I stood there quiet. Eleanor stared at me as I looked at her. “Tell him your name” Zayn spoke as I did. “It’s Marisa” Louis then smiled. “What do you think of us?” Louis asked as I shrugged. “You guys are pretty fucked” I spoke as Harry’s jaw dropped. “Were what?” Louis laughed. “Nothing” I smiled as Zayn looked at me.

“You got guts, I bet Eleanor wish she had some” he laughed as she looked down. “Don’t talk down to her like that, she’s a human being” I spoke. “Zayn shut your girl up” Louis spoke as Zayn grabbed my wrist. “That’s enough” he spoke harshly. I stood there silent. “Well I think you’ve done a fine job Zayn” Louis told him as I looked at the other boys who were silent. “She defiantly has attitude, feisty one” Louis laughed as I looked at him in disgust. I could see Harry’s fist clenching as he looked at Zayn’s hand on my wrist, he didn’t know about the deal so he believed I was under Zayn’s control. I looked away from him and back at Zayn.

“So let me test you out” Louis said walking over centimeters away from me. “Do what he says” Zayn spoke as I got nervous. “First off” he started as a bottle smashed. “Woah?” Louis looked around but no one was in sight who threw it. “One minute” he spoke as he stepped away. I looked at Zayn who gave me a reassuring look that I was going to be fine. I calmed down as Louis made his way back over. “What was that about?” he asked Niall who shrugged. “No idea” he replied as we stood there silent. Eleanor continued to look at me until I made eye contact with her. She mouthed “Thank you” as I nodded.

“Whatever anyway” Louis started as another bottle was thrown. We all look at the direction it was thrown from. There a guy with a hoodie covering his face was walking. “What the hell man” Louis yelled as the guy got closer. “Get out of here” Harry yelled to the guy as he continued to walk. “He doesn’t have to leave” a guy from the other end of the alley said approaching us.

“Liam” are the words that left Zayn’s mouth. “You know him?” I asked as he nodded. “Vas happening Zayn” he laughed as the other guy came closer. “Josh” Zayn spoke as I recognised the guy we once saw walking at night who Zayn did things with his girlfriend. “What are you doing here?” he asked as the boys laughed. “You know these lads Zayn?” Louis asked angered. “How did you find us?” Niall asked the boys. “We knew about this meeting all week, we’ve had a plan” Josh laughed as he looked at Zayn. “What’s the plan?” Niall asked as Liam quickly put his hand on his pocket and pulled out a gun. I closed my eyes as I heard a shot fired. I then opened my eyes to see Louis moving away from Niall on the ground. “Niall” I yelled as Liam pointed the gun a t me. I quickly went silent as a tear fell from my eye.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked as I looked at Niall holding his stomach as blood flowed out. “Revenge really darling” Josh spoke as I stayed behind Zayn. “Revenge on who?” I asked as he shrugged. “This whole group, mainly Zayn” he smiled. I felt a little better knowing I wouldn’t get hurt but feared for Zayn and the other lads. “What did we do?” Louis laughed as Liam pointed a gun at him. “You beat the shit out of me one night, and Zayn” He spoke directing the gun at him. “Did nothing about it, can you believe that? Best friends then he just leaves, funny” he spoke as his finger laid on the trigger.

“Before we kill Zayn and the rest of you idiots we want him to suffer more, Recognise us Marisa?” Josh asked laughing. “How do you know my name?” I asked. “Well before the two males with brown hair killed your mother we asked first what her daughter’s name was. We told her everything, how you were involved with a gang and that was the reason we had to kill her” I stared at Josh as he smiled. “And this is making Zayn suffer because you have to know he is the reason your mother is dead” I quickly stepped away from Zayn as my tears fell. “We killed her because of him” Zayn’s eyes watered as he looked at me.

“Why would you do that” I yelled as Liam laughed. “We know Zayn’s in love with you it’s obvious really, so why not mess with his love life. Zayn you think a girl whose best friend got killed because of you will ever love you?” he laughed as I stayed silent. “You love the girl?” Louis asked angered as I stood silent. Zayn slowly nodded his head. “To bad she was not at all into you” Liam laughed. “Half the time you weren’t with her she was kissing other guys. “One’s about dead” he laughed as Niall laid weak on the ground. “And one’s your own mate, Harry” he laughed as I looked at Harry. “What?” Zyan asked confused. “We’ve been following your girl around and her and Harry tend to spend lots of time together” he laughed as Zayn looked at me. I couldn’t lie, he could see in my eyes it was true.

“So my as well get rid of him” Liam yelled as he quickly shot Harry in the chest. I screamed as I watched Harry grab his chest and fall to the ground. “Harry” I fell to my knees grabbing his hand as he looked up into my eyes as his watered. He gasped for breathe as he chest rose up and down very fast. “I’m so sorry” I cried as I held his hand as his tear fell. “Get away from him” Liam yelled as I stayed down. “I said get away from him” he yelled as I quickly got up. “Who’s this bitch” Josh laughed as they looked at Eleanor who immediately got scared. Liam shot her in the leg as she fell down and screamed holding onto the wound. She cried as she put pressure on her leg and looked up at Louis who did nothing. “Louis” I yelled to him as he didn’t look.

“So now that the message is sent, that Zayn will backstab any of you, you get to remember who to blame for your deaths” he smiled as he loaded the gun another time. “You know what would be fun, Zayn watching the girl he loves die” Josh laughed as Liam agreed. I closed my eyes as I got ready. Liam laughed as he pulled the trigger, I heard the gun go off but it did not hit. I quickly opened my eyes to see Zayn laying on the ground. “Zayn” I screamed as I fell beside him and put his head on my lap. “Zayn” I held onto his hand. “Why did you do that” I screamed as he cried. “I love you” he told me as I held onto him. He was shot to the right of his hip close to his belly button. “Get up” Liam yelled as I stayed down again. “No” I told him as he pointed the gun at me. “Get up” Louis yelled as I stayed down. Louis quickly picked me up as I tried to get out of his grip. “Stop I yelled at him as Liam and Josh watched me.

Liam stepped over Zayn’s body. “That wasn’t the plan” he yelled as he kicked Zayn side, I turned my head into Louis so I couldn’t watch. “Why are you all worked up, your free” Louis whispered. “I always was, this was an act Louis, Zayn doesn’t have control of me, no one does” I told him as he stood there silent. “Why would you do that?” he asked. “We were in this together” I told Louis as I looked back at Zayn. His hand laid out wanting me to grab on. “So Louis or Marisa?” Josh asked. “Neither!” A voice yelled as Liam was shot to the ground followed by a shot to Josh’s leg. There stood the cop who found Andy and my best friend Frances. I stood there speechless as the cop kicked Liam’s gun away who was laying there dead. He quickly got on top of Josh and put handcuffs on him. Sirens now were present as the ambulance showed up, They quickly ran to Zayn, Eleanor, Niall and Harry. I watched as Louis sat there silent and the paramedics put body bags over Harry and Niall.

“Marisa” Frances called out as I ran over and immediately hugged her. “What are you doing” I cried into her. “I heard about your mum, when I got to your house I was you walking with the guy” She spoke as she looked at Zayn. “I followed you but got stopped to talk with some old man, once we finished I continued to wonder and try to find you. Once I heard a gun shot I tried to find my way. Once I heard a second I had a better grasp where you were and I called the cops. The third was fired as I found my way to the alley, followed by the forth shot. The cops quickly showed and that’s when they got Liam and Josh” I pulled her into a hug as I cried. I then looked at Zayn and Eleanor being put in the ambulance. “We have to go with them” I told her as she nodded her head.

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