Worst Nightmare

Marisa has been in the same awful, scary town and is ready to leave, one night on her own she runs into a monster of a guy. What happens when he decides she's his and is dermined to have her. All she knows is he is her new worst nightmare, while he slowly slowly starts to follow, stock and scare her and oddly start to care for her, but can't express it in any good way. (One Direction not famous)


22. 22. The Funeral

When I woke up I was still holding Zayn’s hand, I slowly took my hand away and made my way to the washroom. I got washed up and changed and made my way back out. “How did you sleep?” Zayn greeted me. “Better” I smiled as I sat back on the couch. “Tonight’s the funeral” Zayn informed me as I remembered. “I know, My mum and I were each other’s only family though, I’m not sure there will be lots of people” I told Zayn as he shrugged. “You never know, and you have me” he smiled as I nodded. “We need to get you a outfit and your mother one and give it to the service workers” I nodded as we quickly made our way over to my place.

“This is nice” I showed Zayn as I picked out my mum’s red dress she wore for a Christmas party at Frances’ house. “Perfect” Zayn said as he put it in a bag. “I’ll get it to them” he told me as I nodded my head. “I’m fine, go now” I told him as he did. I went into my room and looked through my things. I got out my black knee length dress with sleeves and set out my makeup. The service was at 5 but I knew I had to be there ahead of time for the wake. I put myself together and let Zayn know so he could get ready and get me. Once he was ready and picked me up and we left for the wake.

“Oh my god” I said surprised to see lots of cars. “I told you there were people” he spoke as we walked in together. I was greeted by aunts, uncles and people from town who must have known my mum. I kept a smile on. “Would you like to see her alone?” one of the service men asked. “Zayn” I looked at him as he nodded and took my hand as we went with the man to a separate room. The man opened the door and walked away.  Saw the open casket and took a deep breath. I took Zayns hand and went over.

“Mum” I cried as I held onto her hand with the one that wasn’t holding Zayns.  “She still looks like an angel” Zayn told me. “She is one” I cried as I wiped my tear detaching Zayn and I’s hand. “Can I actually be alone?” I asked Zayn as he agreed and left the room.

“Hi mum” I started as both of my hands met hers, “I love you so much and” I couldn’t speak, I cried into her as I held on tight. “I will never ever forget you, and I know you are watching down on me” I told her as I looked at her lifeless body. “I still blame myself but I’m trying hard not to, I know it’s not how you would want me to be. I forgive you for your job choice, you were looking out for us and I applaud you” I cried. “You were the best mum any one could have, and are my biggest inspiration, You are my best friend” I cried more. “I’m sorry if I ever disagreed with you, You were always right, always” I told her. “I love you” I told her once more as I made my way out of the room and back to the people. I was ready for the wake and funeral.

“Are you alright?” Zayn asked as we looked at a tomb stone. “Yeah” I told him as I wiped a tear. I looked at my mum’s name on the grave. “Let’s go” I told him as I placed a rose on the stone. Zayn put his arms around me as we walked back to his place. Once we arrived we quickly got ready for bed. “Thank you for being there for me today” I told him as I laid down. “Like I told you we’ll get through it together” he then gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Goodnight Marisa” he spoke as he laid on the ground. “Goodnight Zayn” I turned facing away and closing my eyes.

Tomorrow night I would have to put on a show for that Louis guy, I still think he’s a sick man. I still don’t see why Zayn wants to be in his group. By the way we are now, he can have me. He doesn’t need a group to hangout with if he can hang out with me and be my friend. The guy Zayn is around the guys I don’t know, I know the now sweet, kind, friendly one. The one who will put up with crying and mood swings and just be my sunshine. I opened my eyes as I looked at him one more time, did he realise how well he was? The past few days he hasn’t been doing anything wrong. No control, No alcohol, he’s happy.

I began to play back the funeral in my mind. Zayn sitting with me while people gave their condolences, and holding my hand while my mother was buried. To be honest I don’t know where I would be if he didn’t stick by my side, I most likely wouldn’t be here right now.


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