Worst Nightmare

Marisa has been in the same awful, scary town and is ready to leave, one night on her own she runs into a monster of a guy. What happens when he decides she's his and is dermined to have her. All she knows is he is her new worst nightmare, while he slowly slowly starts to follow, stock and scare her and oddly start to care for her, but can't express it in any good way. (One Direction not famous)


12. 12. What The Hell Happened?

Made a trailer for this fanfic! Hopefully it'll be up son!<3

Why was Zayn being so nice to me? It all didn’t make sense. “Fine, just do what I need you to do in front of the guys and I won’t bother you outside of the gang. Next Friday it is” he said as I nodded my head. “Do you want to stay for a bit longer until your mum’s home?” Zayn asked. “Sure but one question. Why are you being nice?” Zayn shrugged. “You could have been hurt at that gang thing, and I hurt you not to long ago so I really shouldn’t make it any worse.” I nodded my head. “Why would you care though if I got hurt earlier? We didn’t have the conversations we did tonight, you were angry with me when we were there.”

“I don’t know I just do, I care.” he managed to get out as I quit asking questions. “I care for you, since when I have no idea. It’s always been there, just behind this dark side of me” I was shocked at how emotionally vulnerable Zayn was tonight. “You could have told me, a lot of what happened could have not” I told him as he nodded his head. “Yeah but I blew it from the start, a smart girl like you wouldn’t have liked me” I shrugged, “You don’t know that.”

“But it’s true” he protested. “Well I’m attracted to this guy talking to me right now” I told him as he looked up. “Really?” I nodded my head and moved closer to him. “If you were like this in the beginning I would have liked you no doubts” he then smiled. “Thanks” Zayn said making eye contact with me. “Did I ever tell you, you have pretty eyes?” he asked as I shook my head. “Well you do, to be honest when I saw them basically crying it made me feel like the biggest jack ass ever” I smiled at him. “You were the biggest jack ass” I joked. “I deserved that” he laughed. “One minute” he said getting up.

When Zayn came back he had cleaning wipes and bandages. “I knew I had a first aid kit” he said grabbing my arm. He began to clean the cuts and bandage them up. “I never wanted to leave that” he said as I took my arm away. “Or this?” I asked revealing my bruise and marks on my waist. “Shit, I’m so sorry” he said moving his hand over the bruise as I slightly flinched. “Sorry” I said as he ripped his hand back, “Not used to nice Zayn” he nodded “No one is.”

I nodded my head as he moved closer. “I want you to erase any of what I did to you in your mind” he started. “Consider it forgotten” I smiled. Even though he scared me, stocked me, hurt me I knew everyone deserves second chances. Zayn brought his hand up to my face, “Just tell me to stop if you want me to” he said slowly moving his lips close to mine. I sat there as he got closer and closer until his lips touched mine. I shut my eyes as we shared a kiss. I was kissing a guy I hated who changed my mind in less than an hour.

I pulled away “I should leave” I said standing up. He looked upset. “Why?” I bit my lip. “Zayn your cool but I can’t be like romantically attached with you” his face went straight “Why not?” he asked angered. I felt to feel the fear I would before. “I know I said I would forget like 2 seconds ago but with everything that happened with us I can’t I’m sorry” he stood up. “Why can’t you” his voice said mean. “How am I supposed to tell people how we met, fell in love and how do I respect myself. My mum had the same problem with my dad and she’s lucky she got out, what if this nice side of you is only for tonight” Zayn clinched his fist. “It’s not” he yelled. “Look at how your temper rises, it scares me to be honest” I told him.

“That scares you? How about this” he said grabbing hold of my shirt and pushing me against the wall. “Deal off Marisa, we’re doing this my way” he said pushing me harder against the wall. “What the hell is wrong with you” I yelled. “Let go of me” I continued to yell as he held tighter. “I’m in control and always will be. I control this relationship, by the way were in one. You have no say. Now kiss me” he yelled as I looked away from him. “This is why I don’t want to be with you, look how fast you flipped the switch.”

“Marisa I said kiss me or this will get ugly” he said focusing on me. I continued to keep my distance. He then ripped off the band aids on my wrist one by one. “Maybe this will get you to” he said placing his nails in the exact spot they were before. Zayn slowly started digging his nails in as I tried to ignore the insane pain. He dug deeper as tears came down my face. “Enough I’ll kiss you” I spat out as he released. The marks were now bleeding again. I quickly planted a kiss on his lips. “Give me a real kiss” he yelled. I took his face with my hands and gave him a long kiss still crying.

“Good now what home by yourself” Zayn said moving out of my way. Once I got out of his door I sat on the step for a second. What the hell happened?

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