Toxic Tutoring

When Gabriella Martinez, being the clumsy dork she is, accidentally injures the school's most popular jock, she has been ordered to assist him with his school work every afternoon as a repayment. It's obvious that Colton, in all his teenage hotness, has got Gabriella's attention.


3. Chapter 2 - Nerves

    I took a deep breath and held onto it for a moment, focusing on the way my lungs felt as they filled with air, taking my mind off the challenge I was about to face. Colton was hobbling towards me, smirk clearly painted across his face, framing his sculpted jaw line and highlighting those deep blue eyes every girl dreams about. 
"Come back for round two, have you?" He joked, laughing it off as if I hadn't crippled him and put him in crutches for who knows how long. 

  "Just seeing when you are free so I know when to come round" I responded, crossing my arms. I don't know why but I felt so awkward, standing in public talking to him so freely. 
  "How about now? I'm free and I actually need a ride home. You see, you can' t drive when your ankle is all wrapped up. Something to do with safety laws" 
  "I can't, I'm busy. How about tomorrow?" Inside I was begging him to say that he was never free, that he had something on every day and couldn't possibly relinquish anything in his schedule for something like this. 
  "Well I was going to go hang out with the guys but I guess I could take a rain check. See you back here after school?" A smile spread across his face, I swear I could see out of the corner of my eye a group of girls swooning. 
  "Great, see you then." Was all I said before I quickly turned on my heel and almost ran away. I quickly fumbled around in my purse, desperately searching for the keys. I looked up to see watching me as he walked along the pavement with one of his many friends. He waved at me and I threw my head back down, finally finding my keys. 

  Within a moment I was in the safety of my car, turning up the heater and leaning my head back against the seats. I pulled out of the parking lot, watching for anyone who could walk behind me - I wouldn't want to have to tutor yet another student - and drove along the same road I had for years, feeling comfort in what was familiar. 
  For 17 years I had always lived in the same city, always driven along the same streets, although this month was the first that I was ever allowed in the drivers seat, and stood in the background and watched as the town grew from nothing into a magnificent city. I lived in the suburb though so traffic was never going to be that big of an issue for me. 
  I pulled into my driveway after ten minutes of peace and looked down at my silent phone only to discover I had a text message from Felicity. 

Message (1) 
    OMG! saw u talking with Colton, when's the date happening? ;) 

 Gossiping seemed to be the only thing on Felicity's mind once that school bell rang and she was free to do whatever she pleases. 

     Not a date, I have to tutor him, just working out times 

     Spending time alone is the equivalent of a date

      Not a date, talk to you later. Have to go in and face the wrath of the parents 

      EEK! Good luck!

I quickly put my phone away and took three deep, calming breaths. I was sure that Mum would have already heard about the news, at least I could say that I wasn't getting suspended, or worse, expelled. All I did was injure some guy who was now in a cast and couldn't walk without leaning against a stick of wood. 
  Oh yeah, I was dead. 
   I quickly ran through the house, trying to make it to my room before I was spotted, taking the long way so that I didn't have to go past the kitchen, the most probably place they would be.
   I guess even a smart girl can get things wrong.
   "Gab, in here please" was all Dad said as I passed him through the living room. I couldn't have called it a coincidence, but they most likely purposely sat there so catch me as I ran past.
   "Before I get yelled at, let me just say that it was a complete accident. I didn't mean for him to fall" I said as I placed my bag down. I approached them with my hands in the air as if I were surrendering, my jacket arms were covering most of my hands and only the tips of my fingers were visible.
   "Gab, you're not in trouble honey, we just wanted to talk to you about school, make sure that tutoring this Colton boy won't interfere with your grades" Mum laughed as she spoke, kind of in the same way Colton was when he spoke to me.
   "I'm not in trouble?" Dumbfounded by this discovery.
   "Heavens no, you couldn't hurt a fly even if you tried." Dad said.
   "I didn't try and hurt Colton and he's in crutches"
   "Besides the point. Go up to your room and finish your homework, dinner will be ready at seven" Mum said as she ushered me out of the room and to the base of the stairs.
   I slowly entered my room and fell back onto my bed. What had just happened? It's not like I get in to  trouble on a regular basis but I thought that putting someone in crutches would call for some sort of punishment. Not that I'm going to push the matter, I would rather not be grounded for however long they decided.
  Colton, I was going to have to tutor Colton.   
What on earth was happening, just last week I was sure I was invisible to everyone but Felicity and now I was being forced to spend time alone with Colton to tutor him, this will not end well. 


Sorry for taking to long to update, I hope you like the first chapter I have written! (This is Ashlee, not lovelytraits :) ) 

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