The One *Completed*

This story is about a girl Amanda who starts feeling more of an outcast then ever. She sees things that others can't. It not only confuses her, but it scares her.


8. I Kinda Like This... Is That Bad?

I Kinda Like This... Is That Bad?

I walk down the street. Having so much power, just makes me feel good. Jake runs up beside me.

"Ready to fight Bob and get rid of your unneeded powers?" Jake asks putting his arm around me.

"Nah, I like some of the dark powers." Jake stops.

"It's dark magic."

"Yeah, is that bad? You know that I like the dark magic."

"Very bad. Babe, you are The One. You can do the same powers."

"Not this." I look around and see someone, "You see that boy, he dumped me for a popular girl. Look what I can do." The guy keeps walking and he runs into a invisible wall and falls.

"You can do that with good magic."

"Okay I know you can... It's just I like feeling better than everyone."

"But you are! Babe you are better then any other person I have ever met." I give him a kiss. Like one of those long passionate kisses. Leo must've seen because he walked up and punched Jake in the face.

"Hands off my girlfriend!" Leo yelled.

"She's my girlfriend now." Jake says putting his arm around me. Leo grabs his arm off of me and twists it a way I don't think an arm should twist. Jake's face turns red. He pulls his arm away. He looks up at Leo.

"That hurt." Jake says.

"Yeah well you hurt my heart." Jake walks up to Leo and cracks his neck.

"I wouldn't mess with me if I was you."

"What you going to do?" Leo said pushing him. Jake looks at his shoulder where he had pushed him and looked back up at him.

"I'm warning you." I could see his hand clenching into a fist and his arm shaking and his hand turning red from him squeezing his hand into a fist too hard.

"Leo stop." I say. Leo looks at me and then at Jake.

"I'm going to teach this kid a lesson." He pushes him again. Then Jake lost it.

Jake pushed Leo into a building cracking the bricks where Leo had gotten pushed. I run over to Leo. I hear someone calling for help.

"You are freakishly strong." Leo says in pain.

"I told you not to mess with me." I see a police officer come and arrest Jake.

"Time Rewind!" Leo looks up.

"What?" Then time went back to when Jake and I were walking down the street.

"I should've killed him!" Jake says. I look at him.

"I want a boyfriend who won't fight my ex boyfriends." I say.

"You saw what he was doing!" Leo walks up and punches Jake in the face.

"Leo stop it! Or I will call the police." Leo looks up at Jake. I hug Jake, "You hurt him, you'll have to hurt me to." Leo looks at the two of us.

"Fine I'm going." Then he walked away.

Jake goes to give me a kiss but I put my index finger to his lips.

"Not now." Then I started walking. We get to his house.

"Where are your parents." I say sitting on the couch.

"Out of town for the weekend." He says sitting beside me. I look at him and bite my lip. He looks at me and smiles.

"My mom said I can go to your house and stay the night as long as your parents are home."

"Well then you're not staying the night." I sit on his lap.

"How would she know." I flip my hair out of my face and start kissing him. After we stop kissing he looks up at me.

"Wow. I wish we could just freeze time because I'm not letting you disobey your mom."

"Okay. Time take a break." Then everything froze. I pull him down and start kissing him.

He breaks the kiss.

"Are we about to, you know?" I shrug.

"Do you want to?" He sits up and shakes his head.

"No I don't. Not until we're married." I sit up.

"You just don't want to do that with me ever do you?"

"No I do. I really want to right now. Like really bad, bu-"

"But what? You want to."

"I don't think you're ready."

"Baby, I'm more then ready."

"No you're not. You may think you are but you aren't"

"Yes I am!" I yell. I wasn't, I just didn't want him to cheat because I won't like Leo did.

"Why don't you just admit that you aren't?"

"Because if I don't you'll find someone who will!" I yell.

"Is that what you think?" Tears fill my eyes as I nod slowly.

"Baby, I would never do that to you."

"Yes you would. Any teenage boy would."

"Well I wouldn't because I love you!" I start to cry into his shoulder as I hug him.

"Leo loved me and he still did! How do I know you won't?!"

"Because all he wanted to get into your pants then he was going to leave you!" I slap him.

"We dated for two years! How dare you say that!" I yell. His whole side of his face turned blood shot red. He spit out a tooth.

"I heard him say it when I was flying one day. He was talking to one of his friends. He said this whole time he was trying to get into your pants. He said he almost broke up with you so many times because you stopped him! But he said that he knew you'd be more then amazing." I run out of there to get him a napkin to clean up the blood off of his face. Good thing I didn't punch him.

"I'm sorry." I start to clean up his blood. When I slapped him a broke some skin.

"It's fine." I put my hand on his face.

"Darkness leave." I felt something leave my body

"I couldn't keep the dark magic. Because if I still had it, I couldn't do this." I put my hand on his broken skin and it healed.

"But now you aren't as strong as Bob." I nod.

"Yes I am. I still have all the magic in the world. All the dark magic did was block some of my good magic. I can still do all the same spells."

"You know time is still frozen."

"You know, I really want to sleep with you." I say. He chuckles.

"Really." I pull him back down and kiss him.

"Does that answer your question?" I whisper. He nods and keeps kissing me.

And that nigh- or I guess that exact same time we did sleep together. Not because I was scared he was going to cheat, because I felt that he loved me more then anyone ever has. And I'm glad I did... Because I really do love him more then life itself.

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