my life changes for the best

alexandra(ali/alex) isn't one of the most popular girls in school, actually ahe gets bullied everyday and she hate's her life because of it. she is 15 almost 16 and one day her life changes for the better. she can't believe what happens to her. will she find love or will her farther not allow it.


5. talking and a bad school day

  Ali'S P.O.V.

Its now 2 hours later and i was sitting down talking to the boys and i was fangirling inside  but i was calm on the outside and im amazed i hadn't fainted yet. Dad had told me that he is their new manager and that he wont be here much because the boys are due to go on tour in a month or something like that.

"im sorry but i really need to get ready for school so if you'll excuse me?" i asked the boys and dad and  they all nodded so i went up to my room to grab my school uniform and today i decided i would wear a skirt and the white button up school top with my jumper over top. i put on my vans and got my bag and went downstairs to see all the boys sitting at the kitchen table with my dad. my sister came i after me and we got our breakfast and joined them at the table.

when we had finished we were running a little late to catch t he bus and dad said he couldn't take us because he needed to talk to the boys about a few things. "dad were going to be late!" tina said and i nodded my head. "well i could take them to their school and daddy direction can tell me everything when i get back!" harry said looking at my dad and then at me and my sister. "please can he take us dad otherwise we are going to be late and get detention please dad" i asked him. it took him a little while to decide and he said okay so we all walked out the door and i wondered if he was going to take us in my dads car but then i seen a big black landrover in the driveway and  harry unlocked it and i called shotguna nd rant o the car with my sister running after me trying to push me out of the way.

harry got in the car and i beated my sister to the car and got in the front and she had to get into the back. the car ride was only about 10 minutes and we arived at school and tina instantly jumped out of the car and ran over to her friend.

harry looked at me and said "whats gotten into her?" i laughed and he looked confused "what?" he asked i looked over at tina and said "you'll have to get used to that she cant stay away from her friends for long and needs to talk to them every second of the day" i said  and he understood "well i had better get going" i said an was about to getout of the car when i seen these other girl's who are really popular and they were walking towards the car they were emily brooklyn and kelsey who bully me so much it hurts to even think about it or see them. "hey ali are you okay?" harry asked you could hear concern in his voice "um........" but before i could say anything the girls were at the car door and giving me death glares

"hey nite freak who's dropping you off today?" emily aksed and nelt down to have a look when "hello" harry said "ahhhhhhhhh,omg its harry styles" emily skreamed then looked at me. i looked from her to harry and back to her "why the hell woul harry be in the same car as nite freak" said. your probly wondering why she keeps calling me nite freak well in primary school in year 3 and 4  i used to have head lice but didn't everone anyway this kind of stuff gets to me very easily and i started teering upbut trying to hid it from harry and emily and her bitches.


"come on slut answer me why is harry in the same car as you there is no way you to are together?!" she screamed at me i just kept my head down and let teers fall down my cheeks. harry must have seen because he spoke for me "leave her alone your the slut no fuck off and dont bully her anymore and yes we ar going out so back off and leave her alone" harry said, you could tell he was angry ......wait what? my head shot up and i looked at harry did he just say we were together?

"we will see you another time nite freak"  brooklyn said and all the girl walked away in shock.

i looked down again and  said thanks quietly but harry heard and grabbed my chin in  his hand which made me look at him "i'd do it again for you anytime ali" he said "um.......harry why did you say that?" i asked and he new what i meant by it from whathe said to the girls "well um......" he stuttered "well because i like you ali............ i mean i really like you" he said as he wiped away my teers, i looked him in the eyes wow his eyes were even more perfect i  real life they are ther are no words to say.


harry's P.O.V.

WOW  her eyes are so blue and she looks really fit (fit is british term for hot)  in her school uniform before i knew it our lips conected and it was magical wow her lips were so soft and she was perfect.

we pulled apert a few minutes later to catch our breath and she had to go becaus ethe bell went. i said bye to her an said that i would pick her and her sister up this afeternoon.

when i got back i had a huge smile plastered on my lips i cant believe i kisse her she is so amazing but what i cant believe is why do people tease her and bully her so much she is so beautiful but she is getting hurt mentally.

i walk in the door and go to the lounge room and sit down with the boys and mr harrison and we talked about our tour and that wea re leaving the day after tommorrow to go back to london and rehearse and get ready for tour which is just over a month away.

its now 2:10pm and  i had to get to the school so i can pick up ali and tina. "guys i got to go and pick ali and tina up!" i say to the boys and shane(he has let us call him that from now on) they nodded and shane said "oh and dont forget they have friends comming over so take my car okay" i nodded and got the keys of shane and left.

i was sitting and waiting for her and then i seen her i waved through the window and relised that her and her sister's friend would recognise me so i pulled my hoodie up and put on my sunglasses.

ali got to the car and her 2 friends got in the back and tina got in with her 2 ffriends. the car was oficiallly full.

"hey" i said  "hey....why are you driving my dads car?" she asked "oh my car doesnt have enough seats sorry" i said back."oh yeah these are some of my friends brooke and lacey" she said pointin at them "hi im.......uhhh.." i looked at her and she nodded " im harry nice to meet you, and tina who are your friends?" i ask " oh this is hayley and natalia" she said pointing at each of them.


ali P.O.V.

we made our way back home and when we got to the drive way there was 2 other cars here i recognised one but not the other one "who's here?" tina asked "oh yeah i forgot to tell you trent and jamie are over this afternoon too!" i said happy as harry parked the car. "who's trent and jamie?" harry asked "well first of all you dont need to discuise yourself so take of your hoddie and glasses" i said he took them off but then i heard a squeal from behind me and i rembered lacey was in the car "shit" i said under my breath "your not only harry your THE HARRY STYLES!!" she screamed, "yeah he is but anyway trent and jaime are my best mate's ther like brothers  to me so yeah" i said to change the subject "okay well we better go inside because simon is her to talk to all of us about the tour comming up" harry said to me, so we got out of the car and went inside.


(A/N) Hi sory i havn't updated but i will try and update more i have had a littlewriters block and well now its fine but like, comment and favourite plz - thanks tay

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