my life changes for the best

alexandra(ali/alex) isn't one of the most popular girls in school, actually ahe gets bullied everyday and she hate's her life because of it. she is 15 almost 16 and one day her life changes for the better. she can't believe what happens to her. will she find love or will her farther not allow it.


15. shopping for premiere in london part 2

Eleanor’s P.O.V.

Once we got back to the hotel we all went up to Ali’s room and sat down to talk, just then my phone buzzed in my back pocket I got it out and saw a message from Louis

From babe:

Hey babe me and the boys needed to go have a meeting with Simon, we will be back by 4:00 love ya.

I decided to tell the girls and then I replied back with

To babe:

Okay I and the girls are back from shopping and getting our hair done, love you see you soon.

I pushed the send button and put it back in my pocket.


Ali’s P.O.V.

We were all talking about the boys movie premiere and the teen choice awards coming up “so when is the movie premiere, cause I know when the teen choice awards are but I don’t know the movie premiere!” I say

“The movie premiere is the day after tomorrow actually and you know the teen choice awards already?” el said

“Yeah it’s like in a month or two isn’t it” lacie then said “yeah it’s in 2 months from now” perrie replied.

“Okay” we all replied back.

***3 hours later***

We are all siting down finishing our late lunch and I mean late its 3:30pm but oh well. “hey pez” I ask “yeah” she replied “I fell like making a whole heap of cupcakes, cookies and cakes for all those little kids down at the orphanage down the road” I said “hey yeah that will be a great idea” El and Pez said.

“okay the boys will be back in like half an hour so we can go down to the shop just down the road from her and the orphanage and buy a whole heap of cake and cookie ingredients” lacie said

“Yeah alright” came from all of us, we all walked out of the room locking it behind us and making our way to the elevator. Once downstairs we all walked over towards the door, where we then stopped to wait for the bodyguards.

We were all sitting on the couches five minutes later and the bodyguards came, we were all about to walk out of the hotel door when the boys then came running in and tackling all us girls into hugs.

“Hey beautiful” harry said to me, “Hey yourself, I thought you weren’t going to be back for at least another 20 minutes” I replied

“Well we finished early and wanted to surprise you all, wait…….. What did you all do to your hair?” Louis said, we all started giggling because they hadn’t seen us with this hair especially Alyse who has green hair, but it suits her perfectly.

“Um… maybe when we were out shopping we might if got our hair done” Alyse the said, we all started giggling again, the boys then joined in laughing.

“Anyway come on girls we gotta go” I said just about to give harry a kiss on the cheek when he grabbed me by the waist and held me close to him. “Where do you think you’re going?”  He asked “well me and the girls are going down to the shop to buy ingredients so we can make some cakes and cookies for the kids down in the orphanage” I replied back

“But I just got here” he whined, then continued “but that’s a good idea how about we all go?” he says, “fine but there are so many fans and paparazzi outside how are we gonna get there now, we were going to walk” I said.

“Easy” harry started “PAUL, PRESTON!!!!!!”  He yelled, “Jesus hazza you’re gonna burst my ear drums” Louis yells back over to harry. Soon Preston and Paul came so we could go to the shops. We all got into two cars 1 was Paul’s and the other Preston’s, there was me harry, Brooke, Rosie and Alyse and lacie in Paul’s then In Preston’s is zayn, Liam, Louis, niall, Sophia, Eleanor and perrie.

Once we got there which didn’t take long at all because it was just down the street. We all got out and went into the shop to get everything we need. Me lacie, Eleanor and Brooke went to get the stuff for the cakes and cookies while all the boys, Rosie, Sophia, perrie and Alyse went to get food to stock up for the tour busses that we will be travelling on in a few days.


After we had everything we all pitched in and payed for it all then went back to the cars and got in.******** when we got back to the hotel the fans and paparazzi had reduced but not by much we all safely got inside and went to our mine and the girls room.

**later on*****

We have been making a whole heap of cookies and cakes all night and now it’s 12:00 in the morning and we are finishing icing the cakes and cupcakes. This is what we have made:

5 batches which = 60 cookies - chocolate

5 batches which = 60 cupcakes – chocolate, plain and strawberry

5 cakes which are: 2 Chocolate, 1 Strawberry, 1 Banana and 1 Apple cake. 

*********after they have finished icing cake and cupcakes**********

When we finished icing the cakes we all sat down on the couches and floor and watched a movie till half of us fell asleep, the only ones awake were me, harry, Brooke and Louis and Eleanor. I got up and went over to the little cupboard in the hotel room and grabbed extra blankets for everyone and layed them on top of all the sleeping people, I gave one to el and Louis and one to Brooke.

“Goodnight everyone” I said as I grabbed Harry’s hand and pulled him up. “Night” came from everyone who was awake “but babe I’m not tired” harry said then he yawned straight after, I laughed at him and dragged him into the room where my bed was.

“You go get some haz” Louis loudly whispered as me and harry walked to my bed, me and harry quietly laughed then he layed down on the bed waiting for me while I went to change into my oversized t-shirt and my gymnastic shorts from a few years ago, and yes I did do gymnastics and dancing but I still do dancing with lacie and Alyse.

I walked back out and found Harry’s clothes that he was wearing al over my floor, I shook my head and walked over and picked them up then folding them I put in a pile on the floor and went over to the bed where harry was asleep already. And if you’re wondering yes he does have his boxers on I won’t let him sleep in the same bed as me if he didn’t. I got in bed and felt a pair of arms around me, “goodnight beautiful” harry whispered in my ear “night handsome” you say back, soon after I fell asleep.



Hey sorry for the late update but I had a naming day to go to on Sunday and I have to do a lot of revision for my exams this week and next week.

Anyway who’s seen the story of my life video? I love it and I can’t stop watching it. Lol.

Well here you go and hope you like it!!

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