my life changes for the best

alexandra(ali/alex) isn't one of the most popular girls in school, actually ahe gets bullied everyday and she hate's her life because of it. she is 15 almost 16 and one day her life changes for the better. she can't believe what happens to her. will she find love or will her farther not allow it.


3. chapter 2

When I got home dad wasn’t there still, he has been gone since Monday. He has only had a couple jobs but his recent one was a lawn mowing business and now he has gone off to somewhere and didn’t tell us where but is getting a new job.

I ordered in pizza for me and my sister and watched TV till 10:00pm then went to bed; my sister went to bed 1 hour ago.


I wake up at 4:00am the next morning and make my way down the hallway past my sister’s bedroom and into the bathroom to wash my face and a few other things. As I made my way back down the hallway I stopped at my sister’s room, usually she is awake before me but because it’s so early she wasn’t awake.

I started heading back down the hallway when I heard muffled noises from downstairs, so as any other person would do I start to walk down the small lot of steps and just as I get to the bottom of the stairs dad comes over and starts talking to me, he hardly ever speaks to me or my sister.

"Hi Ali, what are you doing up so early?" he asked me, stopping me from going any further.

"Uh…. I couldn’t sleep, who were you talking to!? Oh and welcome home" I replied hugging him,

"Oh okay, uh…….no one and thanks darling!" "Actually…………….there is some people I want you to meet, where is your sister at?" he asks

"She’s still in bed its only 4:13 in the morning dad!"

"Okay then... Uh hold on stay here for a minute okay?!" he asks me and I just nod my head ‘yes’.

"Alexandra can you come in here plz I want you to meet a few people" he yelled from the lounge room.

i start to walk in to the lounge when i spot THEM!! as in ............ONE DIRECTION! sitting in my living room.

                  *authors note*

sorry i havent updated een really busy i will update soon but i sort of have writers block anyway this is my second movella so im sorry if its not good.

comment if you think i should continue and dont forge to like and favourite



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