The Reason I Go On

Selena Gomez has been dragged around by her managers forever. Listening to every crazy thing they want her to do. One day she can't stand it. She breaks down and falls. Luckily, into someones arms.


4. Chapter 4 'Selena' Dinner, Dates and Fights Part 1

I left Starbucks and ran back to my Penthouse. I got inside and flopped on my bed and sighed. "Well." I said, thinking aloud. "I might as well see what was on the napkin." I picked it and my face softened. It had Niall's phone number and in big bold letters it said. "Call Me." I sighed and felt my heart flutter. I picked up my phone and called him. After the third beep he answered. "Wait!" I thought. "What are you doing Selena? You're trying to be bad. Getting a friend or bf like Niall won't help." Niall coughed. "Selena. I know this is you. I can feel you glaring at me." I laughed then covered my mouth. "If you're not gonna talk, I am. And I want to take you out to a fancy restaurant. I'll pick you up soon." And with that he hung up. I turned to my huge closet. Out of the millions of dresses I had I didn't have a black one, so I put on a gray one. I put on black heels, put my hair into a ponytail, leaving out my purple and green streaks, and curling them. I went to my bathroom and stared at myself. "What have I becom?" I asked myself. 

DING DONG! The doorbell interupted my thoughts and I pulled myself to open the door. Niall stood there with four other boys. "Hi." I said, brushing past Niall. "Hey Sel." Niall said, cheerfully. "Be Nice to him!!" My old self screamed, but my mean act got the best of me. "Let me introduce you to the lads. Their girlfriends are in the limo. This is Harry." He said, pointing to a green eyed boy. "Charmed." He said, flashing a million dollar smile and kissing my hand. "Stop Harry." Niall said. "Any way... This is Liam. That's Louie, and Zayn." I nodded, keeping my space. It was a silent walk to the car other than Harry smiling at me and saying "Hi!" A bunch of times. Niall opened the door to the Limo and a girls turned around and smiled at me. They introduced themselves as Eleanor, Dani, and Perrie. Harry didn't have a date.... Huh


heyy!!! Byee!! -ariana  


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