bully love?

in college Karlie is a just a normal 19 year old student until she see's her enemy/used to be best friend (Harry Styles) and he starts to bully her because of what happen in there past will they both hate each other forever? Or will someone or something change there emotions all together?


1. best friends


        "your room is B68 have fun" I took my key and went to my room. When i unlocked the door there was already a person in the room she smiled at me and i smiled back sighing in relief that she was nice. I put my stuff down on my bed and started unpacking and then i saw her put a one direction poster on her side of the wall. "Do you like One Direction?" i glared at Harry Styles staring into his eyes at the poster. "No haha sorry" i said carrying my stuff to the bathroom. "Oh... I love them! Harry is my favorite!!" she said as if she had alot of cofidence in what she was saying. "How could you love a cheater, backstabbing, heartless person like him??" My heart raced as she looked threatend or something. "what are you talking about?" She said as I looked down at the floor suprised of what i said and i know it was kinda a bad first impression on my new roomate but...o well. "Nothing nevermind" i said as got the last thing out of my suitcase and put it on my dresser and sat down. "Anyways...there coming tommorow and there staying so i guess u will have to deal with it" we bothed laughed and she turned on the tv. "whats your name?" i looked at the tv to see what she was watching. "Taylor" i smiled because i always loved the name taylor. "Yours?" she turned her head from the tv and looked at me waiting for my answer. "Karlie" i said as she nodded her head and I layed down on my bed and fell asleep.




             i woke up next morning and went to the bathroom and i straightened my long blonde hair did my eyeliner and mascra and a little bit of  foundation. Me and Taylor had the same schedual so we both went to acting class. I then saw the one and only Harry Styles with the rest of his bandmates. We both looked at each other in disgust. When i walked by him he tripped me and said "haha she is so fat she even trips over her own stomache!!" harry gave me and a dirty look and the rest of the boys just sat there laughing except for Louis. I ran to catch up with taylor who didnt hear anything of what he said.


*hey guys !!! i hope like my first chapter and this is kinda my first story so please dont think this story is gonna be perfect lol love you guys sooo much thanks for reading LIKE AND FAVORITE if you like it so far!!!!!!!!!

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