The lifeguard

a girl, named karlie, goes to her local pool where there are all new lifeguards this summer, there are about ten but only one who caught her eye. His name was harry.. karlie and her four other friends each find certain lifeguards they like.


1. he who caught my eye

                        **karlies pov**  "i went to the pool today to tan and omg there was some hot life gaurds but there was one that really caught my eye his name was harry!" i said to Taylor,Madolyn,Olivia, and MaKayla. "awwww karlies gonna finally get a boyfriend!" said  madolyn. "shutuppp! haha and anyways he probably doesnt even like me there are way to many pretty girls at that pool.." i said to them sadly "uhh gir gir your gorgeous he will like you, we will make him!' said makayla. "thanks guys but i just wanna talk to him a little first will yall help me with that" i asked "of course!" said taylor. "we will start tomorrow!' said olivia. i didnt want the m to mess everything up thats why i was only going to tell taylor but i just couldnt hold it in i really like him i meen he is british! his voice is to die for.        

                        "hay girl wanna hang at my place tonight" madolyn asked "sur,sure" i said not having a clue what she said i was to busy thinking about harry. "ahhh" i gasped "what!" they all said "sorry i just need a new bathing suit! i forgot all about it, tay will you take me to the mall?!" i yellled "yea lets go!" she replied we went to the mall and i got like five new bathing suits they are all cute but the one im wearing tomorrow is hot pink with strings hanging off the top. we finally left the mall "thanks tay, you're a life saver!" "no problem!"



*hey guys this is my first story dont get mad if its bad but trust me there will be alot more and suprises!hope you like it!**

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