I'm gonna start writing Imagines they can be someone from (one direction, cody simpson, Justin Bieber, someone from Disney Channel or Nickelodeon or any celebrity you want)
if you want one just comment, but nothing dirty
if you want one tell me

Celebrity you want:
brief description of what you want to happen:

So if you want one just comment, and i'll get it up for you


14. imagine for Bryanna

I was on a vacation with a few of my friends, and there was a rumor going around that The Wanted was gonna be at this hotel, but you can never believe them.

I had just gotten back from the pool, and i was walking to the elevators when i bumped into someone.

We both got up, and looked at each other then he said

"i'm sorry that was my fault i'm Siva"

"yeah i know who you are i'm Bryanna"

"so what are you doing here?"

"oh i'm here on vacation with a few friends what about you?"

"i'm here on vacation to, but it's just me"

"you must get lonely"

"yeah sometimes, i know we haven't known each other that long, but will you go to dinner with me tonight?"

"yeah sure"

then at night we went to dinner, and i spent the night at his hotel room, and we talked till three in the morning until we both fell asleep.

At the end of both of our vacations he asked me to go back to the wanted mansion with him, and i said yes, then after about 3 months i moved in there, and ever since then we've been really happy.

I even hear a rumor that he's gonna ask me to marry him.

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