now you have me (Ed Sheeran Fic, but not much of a fic, more like just romance&cute)

Basically, this is my Ed fanfic and I don't want to give away the story here, but it takes place in high school where Ed isn't like famous, so yeah. Also, if you're reading this, I'm probably not finished with the story yet. Also, I always like to add something illegal to all of my fanfics, not like drugs, but something illegal. So, yeah. I hope you like my writing and my story. Have a nice day now and please enjoy.
Please do not judge my story on this blurb.
Blurbing is weird.


9. what's next? read for mooooorrrrreee :) ;)

My eyes became lead heavy and I used my strength to let out "uh, Ed, I'm, I am, I'm gonna fall asleep, I'm so tired"

"okay, babe, I have you," he picked me up and carried me down to ground level. He then piggy backed me to his bedroom where he lay me down and ask if I would like to borrow clothes. Of course I want to borrow clothes, I don't want to sleep in an uncomfortable dress. It's not incredibly uncomfortable, but it's incredibly awkward.

I took a pair of shorts and slid them up. I was wearing a sports bra and could deal with just that and the shorts. Plus, it's August. It is warm in August, very warm. I climbed under his soft covers and his scent filled bed. I soaked it in and shoved my hair into a mess to get the full effect of comfort. Ed was setting up a trundle bed, so I exclaimed, "really? you're really setting up your own bed? you had no problem sleeping next to me before, so why would you now? of course, your spot is here next to me" I patted the empty bed space.

Ed cheekily smiled at me and returned to my side. "I was drunk that time though".

"How do I know you're not drunk now?"

"because I care about remembering this moment"

"and to ruin this moment, I'll set my alarm at 5:01 for school"

"not just 5?"


I moved my body close to his so I could feel his heart beating. The steady rhythm was slow, but courageous. "Ed?"


"why do you like me?"

"because you're you"

"exactly why you shouldn't like me"

"why wouldn't I like that?"

"I'm awkward, unattractive, useless, the list goes on...."

"seriously? awkward? Just look at me and you're the most sociable person ever. unattractive? Just look at me and you're the most attractive, useful person. You're my fit. You're perfect to me." 

I let out a single tear and wiped it away immediately. Ed made me forget. He made me live. I was alive. Finally. 

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