Kacia was bullied in high school. Now in her junior year, Kacia meets someone who will change her life forever.


1. The Curly-Haired Stranger

Kacia’s POV

I walked down the halls with my head down, pushing through a mass of people. People pushed me around as they tried to hurry to their first period. My best friend Caitlin and I have first period together, so I meet up with her at her locker every morning. It was quite a distance away from mine so I had to walk fast. My phone dinged and I pulled it out of my back pocket, seeing a text from Niall was waiting for me. Niall was my guy best friend and he always made me smile, even when I was having a bad day.

               Hey beautiful meet me at the vending machines during lunch today xx

I smiled. He called me beautiful all the time, knowing I was very insecure. Often I wonder if he really thinks I’m ‘beautiful’. I would never see myself as that. Not even close. We weren’t dating, but we were both single. Beautiful isn’t anything but a word to him, from what I know.

               Ok potato (:

               My nickname for him is potato, because he loves them. Smiling down into my phone, I suddenly bumped into someone. My books dropped to the floor. I crouched down to retrieve them. Standing back up, I looked up to see a familiar face. His name was Liam Payne, he was the boy victim of bullying, and I was the girl. That was the reason I was insecure. Liam and I weren’t bullied because we were nerds; we were just bullied because they need someone to bring down to feel better about themselves.

               I smiled up at Liam and apologized. Coming around the corner were Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards, the school bullies. My heart beat accelerated, knowing this would be it. Seeing us together for them is like seeing the quarterback with the head cheerleader. Also known as, Zayn and Perrie. Perrie smirked and headed over to us. I gulped, and I got hear Liam start breathing heavily.

               “Oh look Zayn, it’s the two losers,” Perrie said in a taunting tone. “What’s going on here?” I could feel myself blush at her question. Liam’s head fell, and he just walked away. I felt so bad. The thing I most wanted was to stand up for myself and Liam, but I didn’t have it in me. I told Niall, but he’s never around when they make fun of me. Perrie and Zayn laughed and headed off to class. They left me embarrassed, standing alone. I sighed and headed off to Caitlin’s locker.

               “There you are!” Caitlin shouted out to me when I was in view.  I gave her a small smile. “Sorry, there was trouble with the jocks,” I informed her. Caitlin frowned and pulled me into a hug. She pulled away, shut her locker, and we hurried off to first period. We got there just on time.

               The first five periods floated by, my mind blank and eyes sleepy. Lunch rolled around, and my bag was already heavy with homework. I handed my bag over to Caitlin to take out to the courtyard while I met Niall at the vending machines. I spotted his blonde hair almost instantly and headed over to him.

               “Hi beautiful,” Niall smiled. I giggled, his nickname always made me feel special, because I knew he never called any other girl that. I didn’t want him to. Wait what am I saying? I don’t like Niall, do I? I shook my head to clear out my thoughts.

               “Hi potato,” I breathed out. I felt nervous, why was I nervous? Niall couldn’t hear your thoughts Kacia, he doesn’t know. Do I even like him in the first place? Niall placed his hand on my shoulder and shook me.

               “Kacia?” Niall’s sweet voice called. I came back to reality and started laughing like crazy, which made Niall laugh. “Are you okay?” Niall asked when he caught his breath.

               “Yeah, I’m fine. Just a bit tired it seems,” I told him, shaking my head. “And the jocks had something to say to me again.” Niall shook his head and hugged me. He felt so bad I got bullied, Niall had such a big heart. We were hugging for a bit when I pulled away and asked, “Why did you need to meet me here?”

               “Oh,” Niall said. “I had a question to ask you. Will you g-“

               “Kacia! Come here, quick!” Caitlin’s voice cut off Niall’s. I apologized to Niall and hurried to the courtyard. I spotted Caitlin quickly and headed over to her.

               “What is so important?” I asked Caitlin, but her eyes, filled with worry, were glued onto something across the courtyard. I followed her gaze and my eyes landed on the student body president, Louis Tomlinson, who was showing a very handsome new kid around. He had green eyes and brown curly hair, and was wearing a white V-neck, skinny jeans, and converse. We made eye contact and he smirked, quickly I looked away.

               “That’s the boy my cousin was telling me about. The one that got expelled from her school for beating up some kid,” Caitlin said, but my mind was still registering his face.

               “Man, he’s hot,” I said. Caitlin’s head shot around to me, quick enough to give her whiplash. Did I say that out loud? My cheeks got hot, and Caitlin’s eyes bulged. I don’t think she’s ever heard me say that about anyone. Not even a famous celebrity we have crushed on. “Let’s just eat.”

               We sat on the ground eating. I’m pretty sure the new kid was still out here eating with Louis, but I didn’t dare glance his way. If he caught me staring again I would die of embarrassment.  About ten minutes later, Caitlin broke the silence.

               “Kacia, he’s staring at you.” I looked at the new kid for the first time since he caught my gaze, and I made eye contact with him. He didn’t look away, and this time neither did I. He smiled this cute cheeky smile and winked. I looked back at Caitlin, who was looking at Harry. “I swear he hasn’t taken his eyes off you for about fifteen minutes now.”

               “You’re kidding,” I accused. Caitlin put her hands up in innocence making me roll my eyes. She was kidding right?


               After lunch, I headed to English where I sat in solitude. Our teacher, Mr. Brooks, was in the middle of giving us a lecture when the door suddenly opened. The curly haired stranger appeared at the front of our classroom, scanning the room. His eyes stopped when he came across me. He smirked and Mr. Brooks told him sit in the only empty desk in the room. The desk right next to mine. The boy crossed the room and put his one notepad on his new desk. He gently lowered himself into the chair and looked over to me. I raised my eyebrow and he gave a silent chuckle, his curls falling in his face as he looked down. My phone buzzed for a second time that day.

               Mrs. Carlson’s lectures are BOOR-INNGG

I smiled at my best friend’s text, and put my phone back in my pocket, not replying. Mr. Brooks would kill me if he caught me. Checking my phone was risky. The English department had very strict teachers, and as Caitlin sad, boring teachers. Zayn and Perrie were across the classroom giggling and pointing at me. You get used to it, but the new kid shot them a dirty look. They didn’t back off, and he sunk down into his seat a little farther, probably thinking they were laughing at him. He was the new kid, and Zayn and Perrie didn’t take well to them either.



Niall had slipped out of my mind, leaving the new kid to linger in my mind. The rest of the day dragged on while I daydreamed about the new kid. He was very attractive, and I knew he wouldn’t want some ugly girl like me. He would even take a second look at me.

               “I swear he hasn’t taken his eyes of you for about fifteen minutes now,” Caitlin’s words came back to me. Did he like me? No, he couldn’t. Not anyone like me even.

               I didn’t even know this kid; I didn’t even know his name. I had English with him and didn’t even find out his name. Good going, Kacia. I knew I had to learn more about him, before I can determine if I like him or not.  I still wasn’t clear on my feelings for Niall. Niall! What did he have to ask me? Caitlin cut him off mid-sentence to show me the green-eyed boy. I’m glad she showed me him though, because if she didn’t…


A/n hope y’all liked it! I feel like I made everything blatantly obvious for y’all, but whatever. Hahaha. K bye, stay tuned!

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