Meredith just had an amazing time at camp with three best friends, sister, amazing counselors, outstanding preaching, and her crush. so what happened at camp? read to find out


2. the bus ride

Merediths P.O.V

"Bye dad. i love you."

"love you too!!"

     My dad just dropped me off at church for me to leave for camp. Right as i turned around i saw my three best friends running towards me. We all waked to the bus and got the four seats in the back of the bus.

"HE'S coming" Brookie said


"you know, Fred"

"what no hes not" 

"oh yeah? look at the front of the bus"

Right as i turned my head i saw him walk onto the bus. He was tall, had a buzz cut but you could barley tell he had brown hair and his eyes were crystal blue. (and is pretty strong if i do say so my self) He is so fun and funny and always has a prank to pull. He is an amazing christian young man. He plays rugby and rides horses and dosent have a bad shot when it comes to hunting.

"oh yay" 

i meant both sarcastic and honestly. We were like best friends and basically told each other everything. But i couldnt tell him i liked him or our friendship would be ruined. 

      Freds P.O.V

"dude shes here"

"what? who?"

"you know Meredith. look at the back"

Right as i looked back i saw here there sitting with her friends. i have always like her but never have had the couarge to tell her.

"come on" my friend Aj said

he sat right in front on her, so i decided to say hi.

Merediths P.O.V

Fred started to walk to the back  and sat right in front of me.

"guys hes coming"

"ooohhhh" they all said at once.

"hi mere bear" said fred

" hey fry"

and for the rest of the ride we didnt stop talking or laughing.



thanks to whoever has read this. sorry i didnt update. BTW meredith isnt really my name its Lizzie and my chrushes name isnt fred its AJ and but the real names arent in the story except my best friends they really are Brooke Emme and Annie. ok thanks for reading.

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