promises 2

2nd book of promises, it would be more understandable if you read the first book FIRST..

"Happy 18th birthday Darcy" dad says and gives me a present.. "your mother told me to save this for you" he says and I open it to see a heart shaped locket, it was big. I grabbed it and opened it to see mum and dad.. thanks" I say and go in the bathroom to put it on but I accidentally dropped it and a piece of paper came out... And it had a clue.. what does it mean?



2. a good friend

I woke up with a head ache, I looked around and saw calin and sky. I grabbed my phone beside me and checked the time 6:30am I groaned and tuned I stood IP from the ground And saw my calendar... "Why did my birthday have to land on a Sunday?!" I muttered, I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, my hair was all messy and my face Iooked disgusting I washed my face and brushed my hair, changed into pants, grey jacket over my black vans shirt, and converse "wake up!!" I say to sky and calin but they don't seem to hear me, I pushed Calin a little but he didn't do anything "if you guys don't wake up now, I'm going to pour cold water on your faces!!" I yell and their eyes shot open and they sat up "no!!" They both said "there's school today" I sigh and they stand up "its lucky I live by you, bye!" Calvin says and leaves the room "too bad I don't" sky frowns "Its OK, just borrow my clothes" I say and she smiles and goes into the bathroom to shower, I Went on my bed and scrolled through instagram and twitter, sky finally get dresses and we headed out "dang it! My parents took my car, how could they leave me?" Sky says "maybe we were too knocked out so they left us in my room" I say and she nods, I went into the garage and saw sky's old skate board and my skateboard too, I graves them and handed hers to her "woah, haven't sewn this in a while, I totally forgot about it" she says and I laugh, I lock the door because dad went to work. "Let's go" I say and we walk to calins house And ring the door bell, auntie ele opened the door, "hey guys, could tell you loved the drinks last night, you guys were totally out" auntie a says and we laugh in embarrassment "umm. Is Calvin done changing?" I ask and auntie looks behind her, he was done a while ago, he is watching TV right now, would you guys want to come in? Its only 7:45 you guys got sometime to come in and talk" auntie ele says "uhmm" me and sky looks at each other "sure" sky says and we walk in, calin was laying on his couch. "Oh hi" Calvin says exhausted "hey" I say and we sit next to him, we watched some parts of spongebob until sky says "I'm hungry" and we laugh "just like your father" auntie ele says from the kitchen and comes out with sandwiches and chips, we start munching on them until it hit 8:15 we washed all of our hands and headed out and started to skate to school, sky was much faster than us, she is like pro at skating while me and Calvin we catching up from behind her, when we got to school, sky went a different way then me and Calvin cause we were younger then her, "I'm gonna go find Austin" I say and Calvin nods while I walk away, Austin is my Boyfriend, in fact Taylor swifts son, this school wasn't any public school, its all the famous peoples children's school, and they put us in it, because our dads were apperantly famous, I walked to "cool" side of the school, I guess I mean I call it cool because that's where all of the kids smoke and stuff, and act all 'cool' anyways I turned and I saw auntie Ellen, she is me and calins favourite security guard for our school, because there are many but auntie Ellen is actually uncle Paul's daughter, she is very nice "hey auntie Ellen" I say and she smiles and waves at me "hey, whatcha doing around here?" She asks, "just looking for Austin" I say "Darcy" she sighs "I've told you to stay away from him, your still with him?" She asks and I nod "he is a cheater he-" I cut her off "and how do you know that?" I ask "you know how his mother is like" she says, well she was right, his mother doesn't even know who the father is for Austin, "I know" I say looking down "one day your going to be heartbroken, you better watch out Okay?" She says and I nod and walk away to a different area where every one who gossips at, I see Austin and I run up to him, but I stopped because he was holding hands with Mackenzie, the popular girl, cher Lloyd's daughter tears fell from my eyes and I ran as far as possible, I didn't care if people saw me I just kept running, I went to the back of the school where no one hanged out and climbed up a tree and cryed out loud Mackenzie was my friend and I was sure that she didn't know, the bell rang but I just stayed there crying my eyes out, aunt Ellen was right, its all my fault I should have known, "Darcy is that you?" I hear aunt Ellen ask and I look down, "get down, you should be in class" she says and I jump down "what are-" she stops when she sees my face, I was still crying, she hugged me "can I just skip school today" I ask and she looks at me "you know I can't let you do that" she says and I sob "please? I can't go back, I have my first and second class with him" I say and she sighs "I guess so" I says and I smile weakly and hug her "come back tomorrow okay?" She says and I cry a bit "okay" I say and I walk over the gates and skated back home, ** once I reached my street, I saw aunt ele washing dishes in her house, she looked out side and saw me, she frowns and gets out side "Darcy?" She asks and hugs me "what happened? Why aren't you at school?" She asks "Austin" I whisper and she nods every one knew I was going out with Austin, dad was concerned about it "dont cry because he cheated on you, cry because its over, you don't have to worry anymore, your single" she says still hugging me, she was right, I smiled and she let go, there's the smile" she says and I laugh "yay" she says and hugs me, want to go in?" She asks "no thank you, I think I would want time alone" I say and she nods "okay, be brave don't make him bring you down okay?" She says and I nod and skate to my house, I unlock the door and go in, I grab a tub of Ben and Jerry's and go into my room and lock the door, I turned on the Xbox and played a couple of games, "Darcy?" I hear dad from down stairs I checked the time and I was 3:15 that was fast, school was over an hour ago, I heard a knock "Darcy, open up, I heard the news" I he says and I quietly cry to think about it, I open the door and see dad with a serious face, "I'm sorry" he says and I hug him, "dad can I just be alone for a while?" I ask "can I tell you a little story first?" He asks and I nod "okay, once apon a time, I left my true love for work and a couple of months later there was news that she was pregnant, she said it wasn't mines and I got mad and depressed until I see her years after, with her child-" I cut him off "dad how does this match from what I am going through?" Ask "sorry, I just.. Never mind the thing is, I know how it feels to be heart broken, I am still heart broken, I just want you to move on, don't waste your life crying over him, Move on And do something else, be happy" he says and I look down "I know" I say And close my door on him, Calins POV I waited for Darcy but she wasn't there, I was going g to ask he teacher until I saw MacKenzie and Austin hold hands that's why, I start to skate to Darcy's house, once I got there, I saw uncle harry "she's still in her room, shes not listening to me" he says and I nod and go up to her room "dar-" I get cut off "go away dad" she says "its me, Calin" I say "go away!" She says "I saw Austin an-" she cuts me off again "can you just please... Leave" she says starting to cry, damn mshe must really love him, I walk out of her house told you so" uncle harry says and I go out, into my house, "is she still crying?" Mum asks me "yeah, I think she's playing Xbox or something, but she is still sad" I say and she sighs and I walk up to my room, I grab a drink from my little fridge and go on my porch, I lay on the chair and look across from me... Darcy's porch, look inside and he'd door was open, I can see her in her bed eating ice cream while tears we coming out of her eyes playing xbox . I sit there and had and idea Darcy's POV I know every one says to move on but today I just want to let a of the sadness escape me until tomorrow, I stopped playing and finished my tub, I felt someone beside me and I saw calin, I jumped a little "get out" I whine "darcy, every one is worried about you, let's go outside" he says and I look away saying that I refuse "please, you've been in here for a long time" he says and hugs me "I'm sorry I left you" I whisper and he smiles "its OK, now c'mon let's go to the park" he says and I nod, he opens the door and I walk out, "yay! Are you better?" Dad asks and I smile "yep" I say and we head out side, we skate to the park and sit on the swings talking, hours past and we decided to just walk back, I hug him and smile "thanks Calin, your a good friend" I say "I'm glad your happy" he says and we hug _------------------------------------------- So what did you think? I know its sucky, :/ but I actually had nothing to update about, anyways. Favourite, like or be a fan. Comment bellow and now I'm going to update my other story, irresistible <3
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