The Preacher's Daughter

"Amen, let us pray." As I bowed my head I could feel his eyes burning into me. He was covered in tattoo's, he probably smoked and went out to parties. My father would never approve. I had to have him.


2. Two

"Yes Daddy?" I asked irritated. 

He looked beyond me towards Harry. "You shouldn't socialize with that boy. Didn't you see all his tattoo's? He just screams trouble."

My father peered over his glasses, "You understand?"

I huffed, "Daddy it was nothing but a civil conversation."

He smiled relieved, "Good, we should head home your mother is making lunch."

I nodded, Harry didn't seem TO terrible. My father was quick to judge, but I was curious.


~The Next Day~

"Hey Melinda." I greeted my co-worker. She gave me a slight smile. "Care to open up?" she asked. 

I shook my head, "That's my job."

Trying to earn some money over the summer I applied at the Coffee Shack. Luckily I got the job so I would be spending my summer days here.


It was fifteen minutes before I got off my shift and I couldn't wait! I walked down the counter to wash it.

I stopped when I heard the bell ring notifying me of yet another customer. 


He smiled and did a light chuckle when he saw me. "May I help you?" I asked with a fake smile and cheery tone.

I didn't need to hear it from him.

"Hello to you to preacher's daughter." 

I growled, "My name is Ariel, curls." He stopped laughing. Good, something I can poke him with. 

He cleared his throat, "A tall caramel latte please." 

I punched the buttons on the register while he got out his wallet. He was wearing a beanie hiding his curls. 

He was also wearing a grey shirt leaving his arm tat's visible.


He handed me a $5. "Keep the change." He winked. 

Melinda handed me Harry's coffee and I wrote on his cup. Handing it to him with a smirk he looked at me suspiciously. 

He laughed, "Curls, well played." 

Turning on his heels he went to the corner and took his seat slowly sipping his coffee and reading a book.

He was not the bad boy I thought apparently. Maybe I am like my father. 


I looked at my watch and took off my hat. "I'm gone Melinda. See you tomorrow." I gave her a smile and slight wave.

I stepped from behind the counter and started to exit not turning to say goodbye to Harry.

As I walked down the street I heard footsteps behind me. 

"Ariel!" I turned to see Harry catching up to me. 


He laughed and looked at his feet. What? Not the confident flirt anymore?

"Do you still not go to parties?"

I cocked an eyebrow, "Depends. Why?" 

He shrugged, "You told me to find you if I found out about one. A pal I met the other day is throwing one, I think you should join me." 

I nodded remembering then blushed, I hadn't been to a party in so long. How would I sneak out and get back in time?

I could just tell them I was working a night shift. NO ARIEL! This boy is trouble. 

A pair of fingers snapped in front of me. "Ariel?" 

"I don't know." I mumbled shifting my weight from side to side. 

He nudged me, "Come on preacher's daughter. Be a bad girl for once, what's the worst that could happen?" He rolled his eyes. 

Um I could get raped, or get drunk then have sex or something or fall asleep in a random place.

I bit my lip while looking into Harry's green eyes then groaned, "Fine. I'll go.." I said still hesitant.

His attitude changed completely and suddenly he was all cheerful. "Sick, well I'll pick you up at your house say 8?"

I shook my head, my father can't see me getting in a car with Harry.

"Meet me at the Coffee Shack, I'll tell me parents I'm working a night shift." I said.

A wicked smile flooded Harry's face, turning around I could make one sentence. 

"Maybe I was wrong about you preacher's daughter."  


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