Kidnapped and Saved

Maybe if they tried to suit her likes, she would become a fan... until Harry steps up. And Alex jumps in. But now she's showing harry everything .


2. "

 I slowly cried while Harry held me and rocked me. He slowly tucked me in and layed with me. I was so convinced that I had someone nice in my life that I whispered, "Harry, why are they doing this to me?" 

"Because they are really mean sometimes to haters. Especially Liam because he doesnt like when people hurt our feelings." He said sadly.

I cried. That means that he would be the one to rape me.

"But harry, hes gonna hurt me..." I said crying.

"Dont worry, hell get it afterwards from me." He said. I saw some tears going down his face.

"Harry? Just wondering um what size is he " I almost giggled.

"A 10 love." He said cracking up. We laughed for a little till Niall walked in and asked Harry to go help make food because Louis burnt the carrots he made. I swear to god... who eats carrots? Then I was by myself in the small, pitch dark cabin, and almost fell asleep. It was 1 am and I had a huge headache. I closed my eyes then heard the door open. "So virgin or not?" It was Zayn. Ew.

"None of your buisiness." I said annoyed.

"HELL YEAH IT IS BITCH YOUR MY SLAVE" He said slapping me.

"No it isnt plus that didnt hurt" I said almost about to cry. 

"UGH fine I hope I tear through your tight vag because you deserve the pain!" He said getting a condom.

"NO PLEASE" I said crying. 

"Too late."


"hes asleep you genius. On the couch." He winked. 

HE put his condom on and then stripped me. I was scared. I lost my virginity once but it was 2 years ago. It would hurt.

He fastly went in and I almost cried as he thrusted a million times making me cry really hard. Suprsingly there was no blood but when he was done he slapped me and I swear my nose was bleeding.

"There you bitch" He said hitting me hard.

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