Kidnapped and Saved

Maybe if they tried to suit her likes, she would become a fan... until Harry steps up. And Alex jumps in. But now she's showing harry everything .


8. sorry🙊

Alex and I woke up at 6 in the afternoon. We fell asleep at 4, we must've been tired. He was shirtless when I woke up. It was bloody hot in the room.

"Hey angel." He smiled as he yawned. He has a nice 6 pack.

"Hey" I smiled and stretched my arms out.

I looked at the time. " it's 6" I was scared.

"Oh my gosh. I'm sorry I fell asleep, do you have to leave?" He looked hurt.

" aw Alex. We both fell asleep. And yeah I left my friend alone."

"Well I'll see you around then? Here's my number we can plan another date?" I smiled.

"Yea. Definitely. Ill call you." I got up and he followed me to the door and kissed me. When I left we were both smiling.

I walked in my door to see harry sound asleep on our little couch area. Our room was bigger then Alex's .

"Harry wake up." I tapped him. He woke up like a baby tiger.

"Hey look who's back"he smiled.

"Let's finish." He continued. He stripped me into just a bra and shorts. Then, right as we were going to do it he yawned.

I laughed. "Harry baby get some sleep well continue tomorrow." He got up and hugged me.

"Yay" and he got onto the bed and fell asleep. I myself couldn't sleep so I picked up the new phone from harry a few days earlier, and texted Alex while watching TV.

(•is hallie and * is Alex's messages)

•hey it's me hallie!

*oh hey!

•wanna talk?

*of course

•great. My friend fell asleep

*haha :)

•that was fun earlier

* it was the best

•heh I gotta brb real quick.


I got up to make food. I was still in a push up bra and shorts. I heard the door knock. I went back and answered it forgetting about my outfit.

It was Alex.

"Hi" I opened the door and he came in.

"You forgot a bracelet." He handed me a boring bracelet I have always had on me.

"Aw thanks for brining it over" I said

"Welcome." He smiled.

"You wanna hang out?" I smiled

"Sure" he grinned.

He came in.

"Wow you must be rich!"

I laughed. "Nah my friend got it."

"You're still rich in beauty." He smiled and we kissed again. Harry woke up between that and was walking out, luckily dressed.

"Hey hal... WHOA" he stopped in his tracks.

"Um Alex this is my friend harry, harry this is my date Alex." I said awkwardly breaking the kiss.

Harry walked over to Alex and looked really angry. I thought he was gonna punch him.

"Hi." He took his hand. He shook it a lot.

"Hey harry" Alex shook his hand nicely.

Harry looked even more pissed than when he found zayn and louis gaining on me. I knew harry would kill him so I whispered to Alex, tht we should go to his place and to meet me there in 5 mins. He smiled and left.

"Harry are you ok with this," I kept a straight face.

"Gee hallie I would be mad but he makes you happy" he looked sad.


"Of course. Go have fun" he fake smiled.

I left to Alex's place and arrived to Alex's at 9.

"Hey" he smiled and we sat on his bed. He started to kiss me. It got faster Then we made out. I crawled on top of him and he smiled at me taking control as I pushed his arms back. I started to kiss him then he grabbed my thighs and pushed me closer. My shirt was already off so he touched my back. Then, I pulled his shirt off. His abs were goregous. He then whispered "let's go all the way." I smiled and ripped my clothes off as he did his . Then, he started to slowly finger me. It turned me on, his finger was long and It felt good. As he went faster I started to grab him. He was a good 10 inches. I got shivers because I thought of Liam but pushed that thought away. I started to masterbate him faster. He was enjoying it. When I was doing it he picked me up ontop of him and went into me. I started to orgasm because I thought about Harry's bright green eyes exploring my body the first time I got naked with him. It hurt me to think about harry. I was hurting him. He was even denying it. Then, Alex hit the spot and I couldn't think anymore.

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