Birthday Surprise

Abby Burnette was Harry Styles best friend in middle school. Now that he has become famous, things are different. Abby lives in America and Harry lives everywhere touring. When Abby gets tickets to see his show, she meets him and is starstruck for one of the guys. When some things happen, she will have the ultimate birthday suprise!


1. Plane Rides

It's my first day of summer and me and my best friend, Callie, are being flown to California to see One Direction in concert. I have been waiting forever to see Harry and now he is big and famous! I bet Harry doesn't remember me, but that's okay. I could never forget him!


"Attention, we are landing in Los Angeles in 15 minutes." The flight attendant announced.


"Oh my gosh! I am so excited! I get to see the hottest guys on this planet! Oh my gosh!" Callie squealed, gripping the arm rest.


"I'm just excited to see Harry again." I told her honestly.


"Well I didn't grow up with a superstar hottie!" She yelled. A few people around us started to look at us funny.


"Callie, people are looking at us." I said ducking my head.


"Let them! They just want a piece of this." She said pointing to herself.


"Yea, sure." I said sarcastically. I looked at the city through my small window as we landed.


"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Los Angeles. If you will please grab your things from above your seats and make your way off the plane." The flight attendant said when we were fully landed. Me and Callie grabbed our suitcases and walked off he plane. We were staying in LA for a few nights because we had friends in the area.


"'make your way off the plane'" Callie said mocking the flight attendant. I don't know why, but she didn't like them at all. Me and Callie walked off the plane and grabbed our other luggage and looked around the airport for a sign that said 'Burnette' on it. I looked and saw a familiar face holding a sign that said that. It was Harry Styles. I ran to him and rapped my arms around him and hugged him.


"Abby!" He said hugging me back.


"I missed you so much!" I told him "You sure have grown a lot!" I said seeing that he was now half a foot taller than me.


"I missed you too! You've gotten even more beautiful since the last time I saw you!" Harry said, still hugging me. I pulled away and looked at him.


"Thanks. You too." I told him. Then, I walked back and grabbed Callie and we walked to Harry and he led us to a black stretch limo outside of the airport "Who told you to pick us up?" I asked once we were inside the limo.


"Your mom actually. She got my number from my mom and called me and told me that you would love it if I picked you up. I told her I would, and here I am." Harry said with a smile.


"Where are we going?"


"To the hotel of course." Harry said and grabbed my hand.

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