Getting Adopted. *Completed*

15 year old Becca lives in a foster home. Her parents died when she was seven, she's been there ever since. One day, Shannon, the lady who runs the place, tells Becca she's getting a adopted. At first, Becca thinks it's weird a 21 year old guy and his girlfriend are adopting him, but when she finds out who's adopting her she gets a lot more optimistic about how her life is going to turn out.


4. School.

Rebecca's POV


I woke up to my alarm and Louis knocking on my door. I got up and took a quick shower, and blow dried my hair straight. I grabbed a white tank top, a pale pink zip up sweater and black Holister jeans me and Harry bought yesterday.

I walked downstairs with my phone in my hand and stood in front of the boys.


"Ready?" Louis asked.


"Yep." I smiled. I hugged all the boys good bye and Louis drove me to school.


"Bye, Carrot." Louis smiled.


"Bye, Louis." I smiled back getting out of the car. I walked into the office and looked at the secretary.


"May I help you dear?" She asked looking up at me but still typing.


"I'm new here." I said.



"Rebecca Tomlinson."


"Okay, love, just a minute. Leigha!" She called. A girl with brown hair and blue eyes came out of the back room. "Please show Miss.Tomlinson to her first class."


"Okay. Come on." Leigha gestured me to follow her. "You have first class with me." She smiled. "I'm Leigha."

"Rebecca. But you can call me Becca."  I smiled. We walked into class.


"Leigha. Who is that?" A guy in a suit asked.


"Mr.Johnson this is Becca. Our new student." Leigha answered. Me and Leigha sat together and 10 minutes after the bell rang and Mr.Johnson was in the middle of a discussion with us a boy walked into class. He looked about 16-17. He was hot.

He sat in a seat next to a guy that Leigha kept looking at. Who ever that kid was he was really cute. Like inexplicably cute.


"Who's that?" I whispered to Leigha.


"That's Zack. He's head of the football (soccer) team and he's the bad ass of the school and the most popular slash hottest guy in school." Leigh whispered back.


"Zack you are late to my class." Mr.Johnson looked at him.


"No really?" Zack rolled his eyes.


"Nice job, Sherlock." I mumbled to myself.


"What was that, Miss.Tomlinson?" He looked at me.


"I said: Nice job, Sherlock." I rolled my eyes at him. Zack looked at me and I heard him ask the kid next to me who I was. The bell rang and Leigha showed me my locker. I put my stuff in it and Zack came over and opened the locker next to mine. He kept looking at me. I just ignored him. I checked my phone before putting it back into my back pocket. I went to my next class and he was in it. Then the next one too. And the next one. Next we had free break so I went to the courtyard with Leigha. I met Chloe, Jenny, and Arabella but every one called her Bella. We sat at a picnic table and talked about me and what it was like living with one Direction and having Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder being my parents.


"So are the rest of the boys like your uncles?" Chloe asked.


"No. Just friends like they are to Louis." I said.


"Do you call Louis dad?" Jenny asked.


"No I call him Louis." I laughed.


After school we all went to house. We walked instead of Louis picking me up cause I felt like walking and Jenny said she wanted to too. So we walked to my house.


"I'm home!" I yelled when we walked in.


"In the living room!" Louis yelled. They followed me to the living room.


"Guys, this is Jenny, Leigha, Bella, and Chloe. My new friends." I smiled.


"Hi. I'm Louis. Becca's dad."


"Eleanor, her mom."













"And that's every one!" I smiled wide. I plopped down on the couch next to Harry like always. The girl did the same. They all talked about their selves then we went up stairs. We were talking when Leigha's phone started vibrating.


"You guys wanna go to the park and meet up with Matt and his friends?" Leigha asked.


"Yea sure." I shrugged. "You guys wanna change first?"


"Yea." They all said in sync. I let them Raid my closet and my drawers. I put on black yoga shorts and a white tank top. Chloe wore my red jean shorts and kept her Of Mice And Men t-shirt on. Leigha wore blue Holister shorts and a NeverShoutNever t-shirt. Jenny white Holister shorts and a Pink Aeropostale shirt. Bella the same but her shorts were black. We walked to the park and I guess Leigha and Matt were dating cause as soon as she saw him she ran into his arms and he twirled her in the air and kissed her. AW!


"Matt, Jake, Max this is Becca.She's new." Leigha smiled.


"Hey weren't there supposed to be five of you?" Chloe asked.


"Yeah. I don't know where they are." Matt answered. "You ever played football, Becca?" He looked in my direction.


"Yea, why?" I looked at him. He put the ball on the ground.


"Kick it. Let's see how good you are." Matt smiled moving out of the way.


"That's what she said." I giggled.


"Ah, a dirty minded one. I like this friend, babe." He wrapped his arm around Leigha's shoulders. I kicked the ball and it went really far. "Dear lord. Your better then Zack." He smiled.


"I'm more into gymnastics." I shrugged.


"Can you climb the jungle gym with only your hands?" Max asked.


"I can do better." I smiled.


"Prove it." Max smirked.


I went over to the swing set and climb up to the bar at the top and stood up. Then I saw Zack and Jackie (Chloes crush). I nearly fainted when Zack came over and said something to me.


"Your gonna get hurt. You should get down." Zack looked up at me.


"Hey, Becca, jump down and Zack will catch you!" Matt smirked up at me. He knew I like Zack.


"What?" Zack looked at Matt.


"Common don't be scared, Zack. Just hold your arms out and she'll fall right into them." Matt smiled. So Zack held his arms out and I jumped into them. He held me bridal style then set me down on my feet.


We spent the whole day at the park and me and Zack got to know each other really well. When it got dark he walked me home.


"This is my stop." I smiled.


"Alright. Ya know you should join the cheer leading team. Do a little cheer for me in the short skirts." He joked.


"Ha ha your so funny." I rolled my eyes.


"Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Bye." He kissed me, which I really didn't expect, and I walked up to the porch. "Hey, Becca!" He yelled my name. I turned around and he mouths 'call me' and held up his pone to his ear and winked. I shook my head smiling and walked in the door.


"Who was that?" Louis asked me as I shut the front door.


"No one." I looked at him.


"So no one was just kissing you and telling you call them?" He looked at me


"He's just a friend." I told him.


"Just a friend?! You kissed for like 20 seconds!" He pointed out.


"You were counting?!" I half shouted.


"Hey you can't blame her, it's make out Monday, Lou." Zayn said walking upstairs.


"What ever I'm going to bed." I rolled my eyes and walked upstairs. I went to bed pissed off and woke up that way.



Hiii! So this is the last chapter I'm posting today. I'll probably post moe tomorrow! Love you's byee!

~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

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