Getting Adopted. *Completed*

15 year old Becca lives in a foster home. Her parents died when she was seven, she's been there ever since. One day, Shannon, the lady who runs the place, tells Becca she's getting a adopted. At first, Becca thinks it's weird a 21 year old guy and his girlfriend are adopting him, but when she finds out who's adopting her she gets a lot more optimistic about how her life is going to turn out.


5. A Day With Zack.

Becca's POV


I woke up pissed off because of last night. I mean I'm a 15 year old girl I can kiss guys. He has no right to tell me I can't. Well he does but still. I had school today. Blah. I got up and went downstairs to the kitchen. Danielle, and Perrie were there.


"Want something to eat, love?" Perrie asked.


"No thanks. I'm not really hungry." I said sitting on a stool next to the island.


"So what's with you and Harry?" Danielle asked.


"What do you mean?" I asked confused.


"Oh come on, it's so obvious he likes you. You should have seen his eyes pop out of his head when you kissed that boy last night." Perrie giggled.


"He kissed me. And Harry likes me?" I looked at them weird. They both nodded.


"Yep. He does likes y-" Danielle stopped talking when Louis walked in.


"Who likes who?" He asked curiously.


"Um.. Harry. Likes some one." Perrie said sipping her tea.


"What?! Who?!" Louis asked sassily.


"A girl." I said in a duh tone.


His jaw dropped. "HAROLD!" He yelled stomping up the stairs. We all started laughing.


"Alright, Becca, go get ready for school." Danielle and Perrie shooed me upstairs. I did as they said and looked in my closet. I grabbed a pink strapless tank top, a white tank top with gold letters on it and light blue jean shorts. I put them on and straightened my hair. I decided to wear flip-flops because I was to lazy to put on my converse.

I was sitting on my bed waiting for Louis or Eleanor to tell me it was time to go when I got a text from Zack.


'Wanna walk with me to school?'

'Uh, yea sure.'

'Alright. I'll be at your house soon.'


Just then Perrie popped her head in my door.


"Hey. I'm gonna bring you today, okay?" She looked at me.


"Is it okay if I walk?" I asked.


"Yea, sure. I'll go tell El and Lou." She shut the door then popped her head right back in. "Who you walking with?" She giggled.




"Is he that boy from yesterday?" I nodded. She closed the door and I grabbed my bag and walked downstairs. Louis was at the bottom of the stairs.


"Bye Louis." I smiled.


"Isn't Perrie bring you?" He asked. I shook my head. "Well bye, love." He kissed my forehead and walked upstairs. I walked outside and sat on the porch. I saw Zack and walked over to the sidewalk.


"Hey, Becca." He smiled.


"Hey, Zack." I smiled back.


"So you gonna try out for cheer leading?" He asked.


"Eh, I don't know. I might distract you to much." I smiled.


"Yeah you will. You'll distract all of us. But mostly me." He winked.


We walked to school and when we got there every one looked at us in the hall way. We walked to our lockers and put our stuff away. We went our separate ways and I found Leigha and Chloe. They were by Leigha's locker.


"Becca! Oh my God did you see the Teen magazine?!" Chloe asked.


"Uh.... No, why?" I asked confused.


"You. Zack. On the front cover. KISSING!" Leigha yelled but not to loud. She gave me the magazine. And there is was, me and Zack kissing.


"When did this come out?" I asked.


"A couple of hours ago. Why?" Chloe asked.


"Just wondering." I felt something on my shoulder.


"Hey, Tomlinson. I see your Jenson's girl." Max said. His elbow rested on my shoulder. Jenson was Zack's last name.


"No. We're not dating." I told him.


"What?!" He looked at me. "Your lying right?" I shook my head.


"We're not dating." I repeated.


"Wow. Well he really likes you. He doesn't talk about other girls the way he talks about you. You should consider yourself lucky." He walked off with his hands on the back of his neck.



Zack's POV


I walked over to where me and the guys usually hang out. Matt, Jackie, and Jake were there.


"Hey, Zack, What's up man?" Matt smiled.


"Nothing. What you looking at?" I asked looking at the magazine he had in his hand.


"You kissing the new girl." Jake smiled. Matt held up the magazine and me and Becca kissing on the front cover.


"Yeah, you guys dating?" Jackie asked.


"Nah. She might sign up for cheer leading." I said changing the subject.


"Good. Skinny, flexible, a hot. She'll be the best on the squad." Jake pointed out. It was true. Most of the cheerleaders were pretty but not pretty like Becca. Beautiful is an underestimate of her. Max came over to us.


"Hey, Zack, so you and Becca? There's nothing going on except you like her. And she obviously likes you." Max said. Matt got this look on his face like he knew something. "And you guys kissed last night! Long enough for the paparazzi and the press to get a picture of it?" He added.


"Relax. I just haven't gotten that far yet. I wanna get to know her." I said.


"Whoa, this girl must be pretty special man. When you like a girl your usually in her pants like that." Jake snapped his fingers when he said 'like that'. I just shrugged. The bell rang.


"Well I gotta go, I'll see you guys later." I walked to class and Mr.Johnson gave me a surprised look.



Becca's POV


I sat down in the back of the room and Leigha sat with Matt. And Zack who wasn't late today sat down next to me. He didn't say anything we just stayed quiet. I was zoned out and my mind was blank. I didn't really hear anything that was going on. Then the bell rang and I did the same in my other classes. During math I got called to the office. I walked down there not knowing what to expect but i definatly did not expect Louis and the boys to be there.


"What are you doing here?" I asked wide eyed.


"Well, management thought that since we put you in school, Zayn, Niall, and Harry should go too." Louis said.


"what about Liam?" I scrunched up my nose.


"Liam's very busy, with stuff. To busy for school." Louis shrugged.


"They're starting now?" I asked.


"Yep. And they're in every single one of your classes." Louis smiled.


"Oh, great." I said sarcastically.


"You don't like us anymore." Zayn gasped dramatically.


"I live with you. And spend more then half of my days with you if not all of it."


"Well show them to the classes and be nice. Zayn, make sure she stays away from that boy." Louis said before leaving.


"Alright let's go." I said and they followed me. I walked into the classroom and every one looked at me. "Uh, Mr.Kyles, these are our new students, Niall, Zayn and Harry."


"Okay. You boys can sit wherever you want." He said and they did. I sat back down next to Zack where I was before. He sat with me in all my classes so far. Ten minutes later the bell rang. Every one got up and left. 


"Where do we go next?" Zayn asked.


"It's free break. We do what ever we want and go where ever. Go meet new people. My phone is on if you need me. You can even leave as long as you come back." I said. Zack came over to me and looked at the boys but back to me.


"Hey, Becca, you wanna check out those cheer sing ups?" He laughed.


"Ha, I'm still thinking, baby." I smiled.


"Baby? I think I like where this is going." He joked.


"Don't get your hopes up, Zack." I giggled. Zayn gave me a look .


"Well, anyway, wanna come hang out with me?" He asked.


"Yea, sure." I smiled. "I'll see you guys later." Zack and I walked off and to a picnic table in the Courtyard. We talked for a while and ended up skipping the rest of school. We went back to his house and I didn't get home till really late. Let's just say it didn't go so well.

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