Don"t cry over spilled cocoa

Mia Gray was on her way home from a business trip when none other than Niall Horan bumps into her, spilling his drink all over her top. He gives her his jacket to cover it up. Will he get his jacket back? Will he be able to track her down after she leaves for her flight?


8. A promise is a promise.


                 *Dannie's P.O.V*


       "Are we done yet?" I asked as I stopped the elliptical machine.


       "We haven't even been here for an hour yet…" said Mia.


       I shouted in anger and protest.


      [Music announcer: "And this is 22 by Taylor Swift!"]


      Mia and I screamed in unison. "AHHHHHH!!!". You see, we hate Taylor Swift. Mia always has, and I just don't like her. Her music isn't TOO bad though. But we LOVE this song! Mostly the music video, just cos it's stupid. We sing and dance every time we hear it!


      We sang and danced in the middle of the gym as Jace, the gym's owner, walked out of his office, looked at us, shook his head, and laughed at us.


      "You know you guys are weird, right?" he said in his mellow Australian voice.


     "But you love us!" Mia said shrugging her right shoulder. He laughed again and went back to looking at the papers he had in his hands.


              *Mia's P.O.V*


      When  it ended, we both took separate showers.

     "I'm so stupid!," I started.


     "Yes you are!" Danielle interrupted me.


     I gave her a glare (even though she couldn't see me), then continued with my reasoning, "I took a shower before I got here!"


     "Idiot!" Danielle insulted.


      About 5 minutes later, we got all our stuff and went to Ava's. A little, tiny ice cream store, about a minute from the gym.


      "I'll have cotton candy." asked Dannie.


     "Please…" I corrected. "and I'll have moon mist please!"


     As the overly-perky blonde teenager got our ice cream, Danielle asked "So has he called yet?"


     "Nope." I replied.


     "Why not?" she asked stupidly.


     "Because he's Niall Horan. He's not gonna call me just cos I have his jacket that he can easily replace." I replied getting slightly depressed as I thought about it.


      "Niall Horan?" the girl questioned as she passed Dannie her ice cream.


     "Yes…" Danielle answered as she slowly grabbed her ice cream.


      "Why does he have your number?" she asked confused. I thought she'd be kinda bitchy about it, but she seamed more intrigued and confused than rude and judgemental. So, I decided to tell her.


     "I -well, we- bumped into each other at an airport and he dumped his hot chocolate-"


      "Cocoa. If you're gonna tell it, tell it right!" Dannie snapped while giving me a sassy look and actually snapping her fingers.


      I shot her with a finger gun and continued withe my previous discussion. "Anyway, it it stained my shirt so he gave me his jacket to clover it up."

      "You're so lucky!" she expressed.

      Danielle and I looked at each other, wondering if she was being sarcastic or serious.


      I payed her after she handed me my ice cream, then we went home.


      When we got home, Danielle put in a movie.


      "What movie are we watching?" I asked.


      "You'll see!"


       We were literally two seconds into the movie when I screamed. Danielle started laughing and shook her head in shame.


     "WALLE!!!" I screeched.


      As the movie was staring, Danielle went into the kitchen (which is decided be the sofa I was seated on). She turned on the little popcorn machine and put the oil and kernels in.


     "Ooo! Yay! Popcorn!" I announced.


      About three minutes later, she asked "Cayenne?"


     "Cayenne!" I confirmed.


     She came and sat down next to me, offering me the tray of cayenne pepper covered popcorn.


     The movie commenced and we indulged on the popcorn.


                 *Niall's P.O.V*


     So… what do we do now?" Harry asked after a moment of silence and all of us staring at the screen.


      "Now," I started, "we find her."


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