The Slytherin Scandal: Year Two

Sirius Black, a world renounced murderer, is an animagus. He is on the loose and for some reason is going to Hogwarts. But after Lea meets Sirius, she's not sure if all those things are true.

Things begin to get odd when Lea finds out that the new DADA professor is an old friend of Sirius'. On the first day back, she also learns her teacher's worst and most hated secret. What happens when those two meet and an old friend comes back from the dead?


13. Lea's Story

"What do you mean," Lea asked. Her heart stooping. Had they found out that she hadn't practiced Occlumency that night.

"We want to know how Remus' potion got all over you," Dumbledore said.

Lea gave a mental sigh. She felt she had a better understanding of Draco after her secret adventure, she even felt sorry for him, but that didn't mean she would let what happened slide.

While Lea was exploring, she also came upon when Draco had first set eyes on Lea in the Hospital Wing. He was full of guilt and disgust.

"I was going up to give Professor Lupin his potion... Then I ran into... something," Lea started with many pauses.

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow. "Would that something be a student?"

"Yeah," Lea said with a sigh.

"Who?" This time it was Lupin.

There was a pause. "It was Draco," she said. "He grabbed the potion and dumped it on me." She retold the story, it matched Lupin's. Draco was steadily growing paler and paler.

A stray though came through Lea's walls. 'Father is going to kill me for being caught.' The things was, Draco was scared to death and Lea had no doubt that Lucius would kill him out of shame.

When the tale was told, everything went quiet. No one dared move. Severus was furious at Draco, but he was his godson, even if he was an thick headed git at times.

"Don't let Lucius know," Lea told Dumbledore and Severus silently. She didn't want Draco asking questions.

Both of them nodded. Dumbledore whispered to Lupin about what Lea had said to them, too low for anyone but Lupin to hear. Lupin's face was a mask of confusion, why not let his parents know?

However, Lupin nodded. He gave Lea a look saying that she had better explain soon. Lea gave him a small nod.

"Draco, unfortunately, I must punish you. One for lying and two for what you did to Lea. You will serve detention with Madame Pomfrey until Lea's detention is done. That is all," Severus told him. Draco was furious and his fists shaking.

"However, since you meant no permeant damage, we will not have to report this to your father," Severus said. "Count yourself lucky that Dumbledore knows about Lucius," he whispered to Draco.

Draco relaxed just slightly. Lupin was wondering why he was getting off the hook so lightly. Lea was making a grab for her book bag, ready to go to class when a hand reached down and took it.

"I believe that you should rest for the day. Besides, it is a weekend, so you should enjoy it," Dumbledore said. Lea sighed, knowing she couldn't change his mind.

"May I speak to Lea alone," Lupin asked the other two. Severus, ready to object, saw Dumbledore raise his hand to stop him.

"Of course, besides, I do need to talk to Severus for a moment. Mr. Malfoy, I suggest that you go and eat breakfast," said Dumbledore dismissively.

Everyone exited, except Madame Pomfrey, who went to her office to begin paperwork.

"Why don't you want Malfoy's father to know what happened here? Surely you want his parents to punish him," Lupin said in barely more that a whisper.

"Lucius would beat him to death for getting caught," she replied. "And, honestly, I don't want a death, even his, on my conscious. I have enough on my mind right now. Besides, I don't think he'll try anything for a while."

Lupin thought this over. He was sure that Draco would go back to tormenting Lea sooner or later, and the best way for someone to learn is though conic quenches.

However, knowing Lucius, Draco would be dead as soon as he set foot off of Hogwarts' grounds. About three minutes later, Lupin nodded in understanding.

"There is something else, tomorrow night is the full moon. Please stay away from my office at that time, and through Monday. It always last one night longer than the moon." Lupin murmured the last part to himself, not knowing that Lea could hear him.

"Of course," Lea said, what she was thinking was something totally different.

It would be he first time seeing a werewolf in wolf-form and she wanted to be there. Draco wouldn't be following her, busy with his detention. He would be scrubbing out bed pans. Eeewww!!!!!

Lea had to hide a small smile as she decided how to sneak up to see him. Severus would be mad, but if all went according to plan, it would be worth it. All of this hind he'd on if Lupin was telling the truth about the extra potion as a precaution.

Lea stayed in the Wing for the day, bored out her mind. Some of the students came in and out, but they were there to see other friends and had no time for a Slytherin.

Harry, Hermione and Ron came up after over hearing rumors of the Slytherins, from the first year Slytherins, had tried to kill the 'Mudblood of Slytherin'. After establishing that she was, indeed alive, they left.

Lea had no friends, so it was no surprise when no one else came other than Severus. He would look in on her and leave. One time, he had something to say.

"Remember to practice," he told her. A hidden message was woven into the innocent comment. 'If you get bored, practice Legilimency.'

After a while, she got so bored that her books couldn't distract her and decided to roam around, in and out of other's minds. She didn't pry nor did she reveal any secrets, but her findings were a great distraction.



I hope you like this. I have a question for you guys. Should Lea get bitten by Lupin now or later? It is defiantly going to happen, it's important for the rest of the Scandal series.

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