The Slytherin Scandal: Year Two

Sirius Black, a world renounced murderer, is an animagus. He is on the loose and for some reason is going to Hogwarts. But after Lea meets Sirius, she's not sure if all those things are true.

Things begin to get odd when Lea finds out that the new DADA professor is an old friend of Sirius'. On the first day back, she also learns her teacher's worst and most hated secret. What happens when those two meet and an old friend comes back from the dead?


3. Dementors and Chocolate

It was one week later that Lea got her school supply list and a note. Apparently there was a chance for third years to go to a village by Hogwarts called Hogsmead. Lea needed the permission of her mother, which she immediately got, and the head of her house. Dumbledore had written a note saying that he didn't mind if she went with, but only if Severus agreed to it.

They got the supplies the next day and a week later Lea was on the train to Hogwarts. Raven was with her, trotting faithfully behind her friend. Lea had said her good-byes to her mom and Juliet, hugging both and promising to come home during Christmas.

Lea walked on the train with an old notebook with Potions notes in the first half. In the second, blank half, Lea wrote down everything she could remember about Sirius and the rat man, along with all her questions.

Lea walked to the back of the train, looking for an empty compartment to sit. She found one right next to the compartment that Harry, Ron and Hermione sat in. With them was a man with scars all over his face, red short hair and bags under his eyes.

Lea sat down and drew down the shades. She opened her notes to reread them and edit some mistakes or add detail.

The ride was long and uneventful until maybe an hour later. Lea looked up from a textbook she was reading, well had just finished reading, because of some loud annoying laughter from outside.

She opened the door to see the backs of Crabbe and Goyle. Just in front of them Lea could see barely see the top of a platinum blonde haired head.

She heard Hermione say something, but didn't catch what she said. Draco backed off at once and decided to go back the way he came.

Before Harry could close the door, he saw Lea and nodded. Lea nodded slightly in returned and turned her attention back to Draco.

"I see you took my advise from last year and decided to shower more often. It's a good look for you Draco," she said after glimpsing his hair. Draco's blonde hair was no longer greasy and slicked back. She meant what she said, he did look much better this way. Lea could hear the Potter gang snickering.

Draco stiffened in surprise at hearing a voice come out of nowhere. He turned and disguised his surprise quickly.

"Oh, it's you," he said after looking at her.

"Yes, tis I, the Mudblood of Slytherin," Lea announce over dramatically giving a little bow. All Draco did was glare at her and turn. He walked away with clenched fists.

Lea briefly wondered why he had not stayed and bickered with Harry or even her. She had a sneaking suspicion that it had something to do with the tired man.

The train went on and Lea decided to try and do some of her Oclumency and Leglimency practices. She went into mind after mind and tried multiple minds at once. Then she felt the man's mind.

It felt like McGonagall's and Sirius' minds, only more animal like. She figured that he was an animagus as well, only he spent more time in his form.

They were almost at the school, about ten minutes away, when the train stopped. It suddenly got very cold. Lea felt as if she were being dipped into ice cold water, it was colder than when you walked through a ghost at the school.

Her instincts told her not to move and to hide. Lea was stunned though and only listened to the first half of staying put. He door slid open softly and she saw something that scared her more than anything in her life.

There stood, or rather floated as there were no feet of legs on the creature, a creature. It was covered with a black cloak that was torn to shreds but never revealed anything underneath. Lea felt sad and scared for no reason.

Lea looked just beyond the creature to see another doing the same thing in the other compartment. As one, both creatures leaned in and made a sucking kind of noise.

Lea heard someone moan and drop to the ground. She was almost on the floor when she heard another tell them something.

"No one is hiding Black under our cloaks." The creatures stayed and ignored the man.

"Go now," he said forcefully. That had no effect just like before. Then he shouted a spell. "Expecto Patronum!"

There was a sudden white light and Lea felt as if she was sitting by the common room fire. The creatures looked as if they were pushed back and left the area immediately. As soon as the white light was gone the train started to move again.

Lea rested her head for a moment on the back of the seat. She heard the man talking to the others. He told them to eat some chocolate and handed it out. Ginny and Neville had somehow gotten into their compartment, probably when the train stopped.

The man stepped out and glanced around as he closed the door. He saw Lea pale and eyes closed as she rested her head. He came in and shut the door.

"Are you all right," he asked.

"Fine, just tired," was all the reply he got.

"Here," he said giving her some left over chocolate. She took it and slowly ate. "I must go now," he said as he walked away. Lea continued to eat the chocolate.

She rode to school in a carriage alone just like last year. Raven followed her to the Great Hall as Lea sat down. Raven decided to wonder around while the hat sung his song for the year.

Lea paid little attention to it because she was talking silently with Severus.

"Dumbledore wants to talk to you after the feast," Severus said.


"There's something you should know about one of the teachers here," was his cryptic reply. "Meet us at my office."

"Okay," Lea told him. They stopped talking as soon as Dumbledore stood up after the sorting. There were many new Slytherins, but they were careful not to sit by her or to far away as to make Severus suspicious.

"Hello, and welcome to the first years and welcome back to everyone else. Before we eat I would like to introduce two new changes in our staff and give you all a warning.

"First, Rubeus Hagrid will be taking over Care of Magical Creatures and second, Remus Lupin was kind enough to take the Defense Against the Dark Arts position.

"As for the warning, there are Dementors at every entrance and exit to the school as you saw on the train. Dementors are the guards of Azkaban and are unemotional by nature. They fear nothing and you do not provoke them under any circumstances. They feed off of your fear.

"Now on a happier note, tuck in," Dumbledore said as he finished his speech.

So that's what those things were, thought Lea. Then she speculated about what she needed to know about on of the teachers.

She found herself knowing that it was about Lupin, he was the only new member. Maybe it was about why his mind felt so weird. She ate without noticing what she ate or what it tasted like.

When everyone left at the end of the feast, she also got up but headed to Severus' office instead of the common room. Raven followed her into the office. She sat down on an empty chair, Raven in her lap, as Lea waited for Lupin, Severus and Dumbledore, possibly McGonagall, to come in.

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