The Red Lands

A story set in Egypt about a man, separated from his team, out in search of a long lost fortune. I draw inspiration from all kinds of books, so you may come across themes and ideas from other stories. I like to mix things and turn them into my own. Enjoy.


3. Desert Dreamer

            Days are long out here in the wilderness. Sleep is non-existent and shade is a luxury. What I’d give for just a cup of English tea. I had a mirage yesterday, ‘so what?’ you’re probably thinking. This was not the ordinary mirage though; there was no lake, no oasis, and no fruit growing on low trees. This was more like a dream, except I was awake while it happened.

            A blur in the distance of black figures arose from the sand and started moving toward me. Five I could eventually make out. They were sprinting from what I could see. The men were fast and held scimitar blades above their hooded heads. As they progressed further and further through the hot ferocious sand, their faces became ever clearer. When they were close enough that I could see their eyes burning into mine like the hot scorching sun, I turned and ran. The energy for my legs to carry me away wasn’t present, but the motivation certainly was and I travelled as fast as I could over dunes and across small valleys of sand. After running for a fair while I tripped up on something sticking out of the yellow sand. A hard rocky feature I believe although I could hardly tell as my heart was pounding and my eyes racing backwards and forwards between the men chasing me, and the direction in which I ran. I fell to the ground with a hard thump and my face rooted into the dry sand.

            I lay there for a few minutes expecting a sword in my back or voices to be heard from behind my head, but nothing happened. I raised my head slightly and turned to look towards where the men had ran, but there was no one there. I turned over and lay on my back in the sand and allowed the sun to cook my eyelids. The exhaustion caught up with me from running so far so fast, and suddenly the world went black.

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